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Oracle Sales Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 11

In a multi-language deployment, which two statements are true about lookup codes? (Choose two.)

  1. Their translation depends on the user role.

  2. For custom lookup types, the lookup codes need to be manually input.

  3. Their meaning depends on the lookup type translation.

  4. The dictionary reference must be selected for custom lookup code translations to occur.

  5. They are translated to other languages automatically for standard fields.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 12

When is the default field value or expression set for a field? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. on importing data by using file import

  2. on creating a new record

  3. on deleting a record

  4. on updating a record

Answer: B

Question No: 13

Your company wants to integrate Oracle Sales Cloud Application with Oracle Applications Suite. It includes child resources to manage child objects such as addresses and relationships.

Which web service should you use? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. REST web services

  2. SOAP web services

  3. RESTful WEB Services

  4. Sales Cloud Web Services

  5. Simplified Web Services

Answer: B

Question No: 14

When using web services to create an Account, how will a developer structure the CreateSalesParty payload so that the provided resource is set as the owner of the sales account? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. While creating the Account by using the CreateSalesParty services, setting the CreatedBy field would set the specific resource as the owner of the account.

  2. While creating the Account by using the CreateSalesParty services, setting the SalesAccountResource field would set the specific resource as the owner of the account.

  3. While creating the Account by using the CreateSalesParty services, setting the AccountDirectorld on the SalesAccount object would set the specific resource as the owner of the account.

  4. The logged in user is defaulted as the owner of the sales account.

Answer: B

Question No: 15

You are importing records that already exist in your system. However, there are minor changes in those records. To update these records, which two key pieces of information does your file have to include? (Choose two.)

  1. Source system table structure should be similar to Oracle Sales Cloud table structure.

  2. Oracle Sales Cloud internal ID, or PUIDs, such as business keys or external IDs

  3. Source system reference value combination

  4. Source system base table details

Answer: B,C

Question No: 16

As an implementation consultant, you are asked to define a customer-specific template for all quota batch process outputs. Which tool would you use to customize quota batch process output templates? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. Oracle Reports

  2. Oracle Bl Publisher

  3. Oracle Essbase Server

  4. Oracle Bl Answers

  5. Oracle XML Developer#39;s Kit (XDK)

Answer: B

Question No: 17

A customer has deployed the Oracle Sales Lead module for their lead management activities. The customer wants to use Assessment templates to follow up on qualified leads to gather additional information from customer/prospects, and to provide consistent guidance to sales resources to move the leads further along the sales cycle.

What are the three points to be considered while creating the Assessment templates? (Choose three.)

  1. Task templates

  2. questions, question groups, and weightages

  3. responses and interactions

  4. ratings

  5. sales methodology

Answer: A,B,D

Question No: 18

Which four key attributes can you configure to reference customers in Oracle Sales Cloud? (Choose four.)

  1. Reference association with Lead: In the references Ul, the Lead tab displays all Leads where the reference customer was used.

  2. Collateral: Associates collateral with reference customers to give salespeople materials to help them make sales.

  3. Reference association with Opportunity: In the references Ul, the Opportunity tab displays all Opportunities where the reference customer was


  4. Rank: Designates the internal ranking of the customer, such as 1,2, or 3.

  5. Status: Indicates whether or not the customer is an active reference.

  6. Reference profile: Stores and maintains the reference customer profile, which also displays some underlying party- specific attributes and lists the

deals the reference has already participated in.

Answer: B,D,E,F

Question No: 19

The customization level is set to Extensible on a lookup type. Identity two actions that can be done on a lookup type during implementation. (Choose two.)

  1. Insert new code to a lookup type.

  2. Delete predefined codes in a lookup type.

  3. update target module for a lookup type.

  4. Delete a lookup type.

  5. Update start date of a non-predefined code.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 20

Which three roles must you always provision to your sales users? (Choose three.)

  1. a Job role that corresponds to the resource role: Sales Manager, Sales person

  2. Application Implementation role

  3. Abstract quot;Employeequot; or quot;Contingent Workerquot; role

  4. IT Security role

  5. Abstract quot;Resourcequot; role

Answer: A,C,E

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