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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financial Management 9.2 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 51

A user wants to export grid data. Which two statements are true?

  1. Exporting data to Excel can be performed for interactive applications.

  2. Exporting data to Excel cannot be done from the Web Client.

  3. Exporting data to Excel is limited to 999 columns.

  4. Exporting data can be done both to Excel and a CSV file.

  5. Exporting data to Word is not possible.

Answer: A,D Explanation:

http://www.google.com/url?sa=tamp;source=webamp;cd=1amp;sqi=2amp;ved=0CBUQFjAAamp;url=http%3 A//download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17984_01/doc.898/e14709

/undrstnd_prnt_props.htmamp;ei=grJDTvyJJc7HswaZic2-Bwamp;usg=AFQjCNED0SDEVlqH- NrpDn8vV5FC6T_haA

Question No: 52

Which three statements are true about customizing the grid?

  1. The color of columns can be customized.

  2. The same column can be made to appear multiple times in a grid.

  3. The font of columns can be customized.

  4. The width of columns can be customized.

  5. The sequence of columns can be customized.

Answer: A,D,E

Explanation: download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E17984…/ww_rep_prnt_tech.htm

Question No: 53

You are m a System Integration meeting and the client is concerned about the different type of records that are kept In the Business Unit Master table (F0006). Which types of records are NOT kept in the Business Unit Master table?

  1. Property Master table for Property Management

  2. 3ob Master table for Job Cost

  3. Property Master table for Energy Chemical systems

  4. Master table for financial reporting

  5. Asset Master table for Fixed Assets

Answer: E

Question No: 54

A special rebate payment has to be issued to a customer that doesn#39;t have a Supplier

Master. How do you accomplish this without creating multiple Address Book numbers?

  1. Change the customer#39;s search type In the Address Book to indicate that this is a supplier.

  2. Set up the Supplier Master record with the same Address Book number as the Customer Master record.

  3. Enable the AR/AP Netting Indicator for the customer in the Address Book master record.

  4. Enter the customer number In the Factor/Special Payee field.

  5. Enter a valid 1099 code In Category Code 7 in the Address Book Record,

Answer: B

Explanation: download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28728_01/jded/acrobat/xeeacn.pdf

Question No: 55

Which is becomes part of the header information when an invoice is entered through standard invoice entry?

  1. Employee Number

  2. Supplier Number

  3. Invoice Date

  4. Payment Term

Answer: C

Question No: 56

You were asked to assist in setting up the Automatic Accounting Instructions (AAI) for the financial system. Which statement is TRUE regarding AAI?

  1. All AAI Items must have a corresponding valid Business Unit and Object Account value.

  2. There can only be two lines of description.

  3. The sequence number is hard coded in the logic of the calling application.

  4. Some AAI Items with a common prefix can have a user defined suffix.

  5. All AAI Items are company specific.

Answer: C

Question No: 57

Which two statements are TRUE about Interactive Versions?

  1. An Interactive Version is always attached to an Interactive Application.

  2. An Interactive Version can contain Data Selection and Data Sequence set up.

  3. An Interactive Version is a version of an Interactive Application with Its own source code.

  4. An Interactive Version is an object that needs to be checked in for further deployment.

  5. An Interactive Version Is used to hold the Processing Options values for an Interactive Application.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 58

You were asked to assist a Technical developer who is modifying a standard online inquiry In EnterprtseOne. The developer wants to understand how the Cumulative Prior Year End balance is calculated.

Which statement is TRUE of the Cumulative Prior Year End balances for Income Statement accounts when you view online?

  1. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances shows posted and non-posted balances for the prior year end.

  2. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances show the same type of balances that the balance sheet does.

  3. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances include the Net Posting amounts for the prior year end.

  4. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances do not include the Net Posting amount for the prior year end.

  5. The Cumulative Prior Year End balances include the Net Posting amounts for only domestic entries for the prior year end.

Answer: C

Question No: 59

You are going through the month end dose process. If you run the Account Balance without Account Master Integrity report and have the processing option set to update mode/ what do you update?

  1. the business unit of all account ledger records that have an invalid business unit number

  2. the account description of ail account ledger records that have an invalid company number

  3. the company number of all account ledger records that have an invalid company number

  4. the company number of the account master records with the correct business unit

  5. the company number of all account balance records that have an invalid company number

Answer: E

Question No: 60

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is known for providing a low TCO. What does TCO mean?

  1. Total Cost of Operations

  2. Total Cost of Ownership

  3. Technical Cost of Operating

  4. Technical Cost of Ownership

Answer: B

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