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Oracle Order Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 31

Your company is implementing Order Management Cloud to manage the sales orders but fulfilment happens through third party logistics (3PL).

What process should be executed to communicate to the 3PL system that the sales orders are ready to pick release and ship?

  1. Manage Shipments Interface

  2. Create Shipments

  3. Confirm Shipments

  4. Generate Shipments Request

  5. Send Shipments Advice

Answer: D Explanation:


Question No: 32

Your company wants to default the preferred fulfillment warehouse and scheduled ship date as order requested date during order import and skip the scheduling task for a particular order type.

What are the two business rules that must be configured to achieve this requirement? (Choose two.)

  1. Dene a branching condition rule.

  2. Dene a lead time expression rule.

  3. Dene a line selection criteria rule for the scheduling task.

  4. Define acompensation pattern rule.

  5. Define a pre-transformation defaulting rule.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 33

In a Cloud Order Management implementation, a customer has order capture and fulfillment systems located across the globe. The customer would like to ensure that the time zone is reflected in each transaction based on the location of the entity.

What step is required in order to achieve this business requirement?

  1. Select the time zone when importing atransaction to the Order Management System.

  2. Select the time zone in user preferences when entering a transaction.

  3. Select the time zone by using the prole option in the Functional Setup Manager,

  4. Select the time zone during the configuration of theSource system.

Answer: C Explanation:


Question No: 34

Your company has a cost of change policy that changes a customer when the order is allocated, with no changes allowed after the goods are staged.

Which fulfillment status will trigger compensation and impose charges on the customer when the sales order quantity is changed?

  1. Backordered

  2. Ready to Release

  3. Released to Warehouse

  4. Staged

Answer: A

Question No: 35

Identify the task that the seeded Warehouse Operator role can perform.

  1. monitor and release sales orders for picking in the warehouse

  2. search for a pick slip and confirm it

  3. process and confirm outbound shipments

  4. generate outboundshipping documentation

  5. generate pick slips for picking material for outbound material movement

Answer: C

Question No: 36

Which three predefined orchestration groups should you use while assigning an orchestration process to fulfillment lines in process assignment rules? (Choose three.)

  1. Standard

  2. Model / Kit

  3. Order Type

  4. Shipment Set

  5. Order Attribute

Answer: A,B,D Explanation:

Referencehttps://fusionhelp.oracle.com/helpPortal/topic/TopicId_P_96C950E517BC000DE 040D30A68817364

Question No: 37

You are implementing the entire suite of Supply Chain Management Cloud for an auto component manufacturing and distribution company. This company has a manufacturing facility where different auto electrical components are produced to fulfill the demand that originates from various customers. One of the components that the company sells to its customers requires specialized operations; therefore, the company outsources it to an external manufacturer instead of producing it in its own facility.

Which two steps are required to fulfill the demand for this component through outsourced manufacturing? (Choose two.)

  1. Define this component as an Item with the “Contract Manufacturing” field enabled and the quot;Make or Buyquot; attribute set to “Buy.”

  2. Dene this component as an Item with the “Contract Manufacturing” field enabled and the “Make or Buy” attribute set to “Make.”

  3. Select the Customer Sales Order Fulfillment check box under the Procurement offering.

  4. Create a sourcing rule of the Buy type for this component in the selling inventory organization.

  5. Model the manufacturer to which thecomponent production is outsourced as a Supplier in the enterprise.

  6. Create a sourcing rule of the Make type for this component in the selling inventory organization.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 38

Which four order entities are global entities for which only one record for each instance of the entity is stored in the order orchestration and planning data repository? (Choose four.)

  1. Payment terms

  2. Unit of Measure

  3. Currency

  4. Warehouse

  5. Freight carriers

Answer: A,B,C,E

Question No: 39

A revision was made to an existing sales order in Order Management Cloud. But it did not trigger a change order.

Identify the attribute that was modified during the revision of the sales order.

  1. Requested Ship Date

  2. Customer PO

  3. Unit Selling Price

  4. Ordered UOM

  5. Ordered Quantity

Answer: B

Question No: 40

Your company has a single global installation that contains Oracle Cloud Product Management, Oracle Cloud Trading Community Model, and Cloud Order Management. It has all the execution systems implemented in tandem with Global Order Promising. The Master data elements have also been migrated to their respective areas. The next step is to run the date collection program to load the planning data repository.

Which five data elements will the collection program load into the planning data repository? (Choose five.)

  1. Currencies

  2. Shipping methods

  3. Suppliers

  4. Customers

  5. Items

  6. Cross-referenced data

  7. Calendars

Answer: C,D,E,F,G Explanation:

Referencehttps://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/scmcs_gs/FASCP/FASCP2173675.htm#FA SCP2173675

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