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Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators

Question No: 21

You want the Automatic SQL Tuning process to stop accepting and implementing the recommended SQL profiles automatically. Which action would you perform to achieve this?

  1. Edit the automatic maintenance window group configuration.

  2. Set the CURSOR_SHARING parameter to EXACT for the database instance.


  4. Set the SQLTUNE_CATEGORY parameter to DEFAULT for the database instance.

Answer: C

Question No: 22

View the Exhibit for the object interdependency diagram.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

The PRODUCTS table is used to create the PRODCAT_VW view. PRODCAT_VW is used in the GET_DATA procedure.

GET_DATA is called in the CHECK_DATA function.

A new column PROD_QTY is added to the PRODUCTS table. How does this impact the status of the dependent objects?

  1. All dependent objects remain valid.

  2. Only the procedure and function become invalid and must be recompiled.

  3. Only the view becomes invalid and gets automatically revalidated the next time it is used.

  4. Only the procedure and function become invalid and get automatically revalidated the next time they are called.

Answer: A

Question No: 23

Evaluate the following command:

SQLgt;ALTER SYSTEM SET db_securefile = #39;IGNORE1;

What is the impact of this setting on the usage of Secure Files?

  1. It forces Basic Files to be created even if the SECUREFILE option is specified to create the LOB.

  2. It forces Secure Files to be created even if the BASICFILE option is specified to create the LOB.

  3. It does not allow the creation of Secure Files and generates an error if the SECUREFILE option is specified to create the LOB.

  4. It ignores the SECUREFILE option only if a Manual Segment Space Management tablespace is used and creates a Basic File.

Answer: A

Question No: 24

You installed Oracle Database 11g afresh. Which statements are true regarding the default audit settings in this database? (Choose all that apply.)

  1. Auditing is enabled for all privileges.

  2. Auditing is disabled for all privileges.

  3. The audit trail is stored in the database

  4. The audit trail is stored in an operating system file.

  5. Auditing is enabled for certain privileges related to database security.

Answer: C,E

Question No: 25

You are managing an Oracle Database 11 g instance. You want to create a duplicate database for testing purpose. What are the prerequisites for performing the active database duplication? (Choose all that apply.)

  1. The source database backup must be copied over the net for test database,

  2. The source database must be run in ARCHIVELOG mode if the database is open.

  3. The source database must be shut down cleanly if the database is in mounted state.

  4. A net service name should be set up and a listener configured with the target as well as the source database.

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 26

You run the SQL Tuning Advisor (STA) to tune a SQL statement that is part of a fixed SQL plan baseline. The STA generates a SQL profile for the SQL statement, which recommends that you accept the profile. Which statement is true when you accept the suggested SQL profile?

  1. The tuned plan is not added to the SQL plan baseline.

  2. The tuned plan is added to the fixed SQL plan baseline as a fixed plan.

  3. The tuned plan is added to the fixed SQL plan baseline as a nonfixed plan.

  4. The tuned plan is added to a new nonfixed SQL plan baseline as a nonfixed plan.

Answer: C

Question No: 27

You performed the RMAN database backup with the KEEP option. Which two statements are true regarding this backup? (Choose two.)

  1. The KEEP option overrides the configured retention policy.

  2. The KEEP option is an attribute of an individual backup piece.

  3. The backup contains only data files and archived redo log files.

  4. The backup contains data files, the server parameter file, and the control file even if the control file autobackup is disabled.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 28

Which statement is true for enabling Enterprise Manager Support Workbench in Oracle Database 11g to upload the physical files generated by Incident Packaging Service (IPS) to MetaLink?

  1. The database must be running in ARCHIVELOG mode.

  2. No special setup is required, and the feature is enabled by default.

  3. The path for the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) must be configured with the DIAGNOSTIC_DEST initialization parameter.

  4. The Enterprise Manager Support Workbench can be enabled only if the background process manageability monitor (MMON) is configured.

  5. Select the Enable option in the Oracle Configuration Manager Registration window during the installation of the Oracle Database 11 g software, provide valid MetaLink credentials and select license agreement.

Answer: E

Question No: 29

During the installation of Oracle Database 11 g, you do not set ORACLE_BASE explicitly. You selected the option to create a database as part of the installation. How would this environment variable setting affect the installation?

  1. The installation terminates with an error.

  2. The installation proceeds with the default value without warnings and errors.

  3. The installation proceeds with the default value but it would not be an OFA-compliant database.

  4. The installation proceeds with the default value but a message would be generated in the alert log file.

Answer: D

Question No: 30

You are managing an Oracle 11 g database with ASM storage, for which the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter is set to 11.1.0. In the ASM instance, the COMPATIBLE.RDBMS attribute for the disk group is set to 10.2 and the COMPATIBLE

.ASM attribute is set to 11.1.

Which two statements are true in this scenario for the features enabled for ASM? (Choose two.)

  1. The ASM-preferred mirror read feature is enabled.

  2. The ASM supports variable sizes for extents of 1. 8. and 64 allocation units.

  3. The ASM disk is dropped immediately from a disk group when it becomes unavailable.

  4. The RDBMS always reads the primary copy of a mirrored extent of the ASM disk group.

Answer: A,B

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