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Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I

Question No: 41

You are responsible for configure a WebLogic domain to support an order processing application. This application will communicate with multiple JDBBC data sources to fulfill each customer order. To maintain data integrity across these databases, work will be performed within a global transaction. However, you have learned that one of the data sources in the transaction does not have an XA driver.

Which option should you select on this non-XA data source to ensure that orders are still processed as global transactions?

  1. Ignore Heuristics

  2. Pinned to Thread

  3. One phase commit

  4. Logging connections on Resource

  5. Test connection on Reserve

Answer: D

Reference: OTN Home gt; Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.1 Documentation gt; AdministrationConsole Online Help gt; JDBC Data Source: Configuration: Transaction

Question No: 42

You are deploying a web application called inventory, war. It has been installed and has the state of “prepared”. It is targeted to the Managed server named managed1.The web application’ context root is /inventory and the starting page is index .jap.

However ,you want to test the application before allowing end users access to it. In the administration console, you select inventory. war, and then select Start and “servicing only administration request.”

In you web browser, you need to enter a host and port followed by /inventory /index.jap. Which host and port would you use?

  1. managed1 host and port

  2. Administration Serve host and port

  3. managed1 host and Administration port

  4. Administration server host and Administration port

Answer: C

Question No: 43

You need to take a web application offline.

Which three options are supported In WebLogic Server when you stop a running application?

  1. Terminate HTTP sessions immediately.

  2. Terminate HTTP sessions after three minutes .

  3. Move HTTP sessions to a database.

  4. Wait for HTTP sessions to time out.

  5. Allow new requests only through the administration port.

  6. Move in -progress requests to another server in the cluster.

Answer: A,D,E

Question No: 44

Each domain has a directory called servers that contains subdirectories for each server in the domain.

When will the managed1 directory be created?

  1. When the managed1 server is defined in the Configuration WIZARD

  2. When the domain is created

  3. When the Administration server comes up for the first time

  4. When the managed 1server comes up for the first time

Answer: D

Question No: 45

Which two metrics are used to monitor and troubleshoot unicast communication in a cluster?

  1. Groups

  2. Master

  3. Backup server

  4. Session Replicas

  5. Local Group Leader

Answer: A,E

Question No: 46

You are creating and configuring a cluster by using the administration console. Which two statements are true?

  1. All servers that will be part of the cluster must be created before the cluster is created.

  2. You must pick the cluster messaging mode.

  3. Even though you create a non dynamic cluster, you can change it to a dynamic cluster .

  4. Once the cluster is created, you cannot change its messaging mode.

  5. The administration console does not provide a way to manually migrate singleton services. It must be set up to be done automatically or by using WLST.

Answer: B,C

Question No: 47

You domain’s security realm has two authentication provides :1dap1 and 1dap2. Consider these requirements:

  • If authentication succeeds with 1dap1, then skip 1dap2.

  • If authentication fails with 1dap1, then authentication must succeed with 1dap2. Which control flag should you use for 1dap1?

    1. Required

    2. Requisite

    3. Sufficient

    4. Optional

    Answer: C

    Question No: 48

    You create a new Managed Server in your domain by using the administration console. You give it the listen address of and the listen port of 7100.You save and activate the changes.

    You use the domain start script to start the new server. It fails, One of the messages in the window in which you can the script is:

    Server failed to bind to any unable port.

    You investigate and see that another process is running on on port 7100.You also find many unused ports at that IP address.

    Which two statements are true?

    1. It is not an instance of WebLogic Server from this domain running at administration console does not allow you to create a server at the same listen address and port as one already configuration in the domain.

    2. It is an instance of WebLogic Server running at Other processes do not interfere with WebLogic Server.

    3. Changes the port number to an unused one to resolve this issue.

    4. It cannot be the administration server running at 192.0.2.:7100, because admin servers run on port 7001.

    5. Because this Managed Server has never been started, it does not have a local copy of the configuration. If it did, by using Managed Server Independence, it would be able to switch to an unused port of it s configured port was busy.

    6. The port number can stay 7100 if this machine has another IP address and the port is

    unused at that address.

    Answer: C,F

    Question No: 49

    A new machine was given to your department. This machine has two WebLogic server12.1.2 installation, each with different inventories.

    Which command or tool do you determine the differences in products installed in each of the inventories?

    1. None, inventories are used by Oracle databases only.

    2. ORACLE_HOME/wiserver/bin/compareInventory-sh-oracle-home1 lt; oracle-home1 location gt; -oracle-home2 lt; oracle-home2 location gt;.

    3. The Oracle Inventory Viewer utility

    4. ORACLE _HOME2 lt; oracle _home2 location gt;.

    Answer: B

    Question No: 50

    Which session persistence type is invalid? (Choose one)

    1. Async_replicated

    2. async_jdbc

    3. replicated

    4. async_memory

    5. cookie

    6. file

    7. replicated_if_clustered

    Answer: D

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