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Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources 2014 Essentials

Question No: 11

You have to compare two jobs. What are the three data sets on which the comparison can be based?

  1. Competencies

  2. Salary

  3. Assignment

  4. Development plans

  5. Potential

  6. Contracts

Answer: A,B,C

Explanation: A: Using the comparison feature, you can compare profiles to determine next career moves or training needs for workers, and identify suitable candidates for jobs. For example, if John is looking for his next career move, he can compare his profile to that of a job to determine whether his competency ratings match the targeted competency ratings in a job profile.

Question No: 12

As an HR Administrator, you search for a worker#39;s record and want to update certain values on the assignment level. Your legal employer has not allowed for an override at the assignment level. However, as an HR Administrator, you are aware that certain values are editable.

Identity two options that contain these editable values on the assignment.

  1. Assignment Name, Assignment Number

  2. Job, Location

  3. Assignment Category, Person Type

  4. Assignment Status, Assignment Projected End Date

  5. Assignment Number, Job

Answer: A,C

Explanation: You can edit the following values on the assignment regardless of whether override at the assignment level is allowed:

  • Assignment name

  • Assignment number

  • Assignment status

  • Assignment projected end date

    Reference; Oracle Fusion Applications Workforce Deployment, Human Resources Guide, Editing Inherited Values on Assignments

    Question No: 13

    Your customer is making regular updates to HR data and wants to keep a history of the changes made. While updating employee records, which two fields are date effective?

    1. Person number

    2. First Name

    3. Phone number

    4. Date of Birth

    5. National identification Number

    6. Assignment details

    Answer: C,F

    Explanation: Phone number and assignment details might change over time.

    The following objects related to person records are date-effective: contact relationships, disabilities, gender, marital status, person name, person addresses, visas, and

    work permits.

    Note 1: Many Human Capital Management (HCM) objects are date-effective. The list of HCM date-effective objects includes but is not limited to: assignments, benefits

    plans and plan types, element definitions, eligibility profiles, employment terms, grades, grade rates, grade ladders, jobs, job families, locations, organizations,

    payrolls, personal payment methods, and positions.

    Note 2: Date Effectivity: Explained

    The attributes of most business objects are likely to change over time. For example, grade rates may increase or a location#39;s address may change. For some types of objects, such as payrolls, assignments, and organizations, a history of changes is maintained. Professional users can retrieve and edit the version of an

    object that was current on a specified date. Such objects are referred to as dateeffective objects.

    Reference: Reference; Oracle Fusion Applications Workforce Deployment, Human Resources Guide, Date Effectivity: Explained

    Question No: 14

    Identity the correct description of the free-form content type

    1. Free form content types do not contain relationships and do not contain properties until you add them to a profile type.

    2. Free-form content types contain relationships and contain properties as part of profile type.

    3. Free-form content types do not contain relationships but contain properties as part of profile type.

    4. Free-form content types contain relationship and do not contain until you add them to a profile type.

    Answer: A

    Explanation: Free-form content types enable you to capture information in a profile that you do not need to store in the content library. For example, you can set up a free-form content type to store information about the previous employment information for your workers.

    A free-form content type contains only a code, name, and a description, and does not have any properties defined for it until you add it to a profile type. Free-form content types do not include any content items.

    Reference: Fusion Applications Help, Define Workforce Profiles FAQs

    Question No: 15

    Oracle Authorization Policy Manager User Interface uses the general operational principle of allowing the administrator to identify a security object first and after the object has been selected, allow him or her to choose one of the operations available on it.

    Choose the three typical security tasks performed using Oracle Authorization Policy Manager.

    1. Viewing Full Roles Hierarchies and managing Duty Role Hierarchies.

    2. securing a common object such as an attachment category or a profile Option

    3. managing job and Abstract (enterprise) Roles

    4. creating Implementation users that are mapped to the HR people

    5. viewing Data, Job, and Role Security Policies and Permission Grants

    Answer: A,C,E

    Explanation: A: Frequently Used Operations include

  • Viewing the External Role Hierarchy

  • Managing the Application Role Hierarchy

    Note: A role category is a collection of application roles. Role categories allow administrators

    organizing application roles in arbitrary flat collections. Role categories are not used in policy evaluations at runtime. Role categories are independent of (and should not be confused with) the role hierarchy, which applies to both application and external roles.

    Note: Authorization Policy Manager greatly simplifies the creation, configuration, and administration of application policies

    Question No: 16

    As a consultant in your company, you are required to set up names and details of schools, colleges, universities, and so on, so that users can select from this list when entering their qualifications such as degrees.

    Identify the correct setup task in FSM gt; Define Workplace Profiles.

    1. Define Telnet gt; manage Profile Types

    2. Define Telnet Profile Content gt; Manage Content Subscribers

    3. Define Telnet Profile Content gt; Manage Profile Content Items

    4. Define Telnet Profile Content gt; Manage Educational Establishments

    Answer: D

    Explanation: Manage Educational Establishments: Create and update a list of educational establishments that your workers have attended, including high schools, colleges, universities, and professional schools.

    Reference: Oracle Fusion Applications Product Information Management Implementation Guide 11g, Define Enterprise: Manage Enterprise HCM Information

    Question No: 17

    You are implementing Oracle Fusion HCM and feel users may find it useful to be reminded of the effective date whenever they open a window where they can enter or change date- tracked information. You plan to implement the user profile option called “DateTrack: Reminder” that determines when the decision window appear to ask users if they want to change the effective date.

    Identify the three possible values for this profile.

    1. Once

    2. Never

    3. Not now

    4. Not Today

    5. Always

    Answer: A,B,E

    Question No: 18

    There are two legal employers identified for your current application implementation. The legal employers have inherited the number generation method set at the enterprise.

    However, there is a need to override the number generation method at the legal employer level.

    Identify two options where an override can be done.

    1. No condition. The worker generation method Can be changed to automatic at any time.

    2. The employment model selected should be a two-tier one.

    3. No employee or contingent worker work relationships should exist for that legal employer.

    4. The employment model selected should be a three-tier one.

    5. Manual worker-number generation for a legal employer can be selected any time.

    Answer: C,D Explanation:

    All legal employers automatically inherit the enterprise number-generation method. You can override the number-generation method at the legal employer level, as follows:

  • (C) You can select automatic worker-number generation for a legal employer, provided that no employee or contingent worker work relationships exist for that legal employer.

  • (E) You can select manual worker-number generation for a legal employer at any time.

    Reference: Oracle Fusion Applications Workforce Deployment Implementation Guide 11g, Setting the Number-Generation Method for a Legal Employer

    Question No: 19

    You hired a female employee on January 1, 2011. This employee got married on June 12, 2011. You received a request from the employee on July 11, 2012 to change her last name from the date of her marriage. You changed the last name of the employee as requested on the same day.

    What is the effective start date of personal details displayed by the system as of August 15, 2011?

    A. June 12, 2011

    B. July 11, 2011

    1. January 1, 2011

    2. August 15, 2011

    Answer: A

    Explanation: To maintain employee data effectively Oracle HCM is using a mechanism called date tracking.The main motive behind the date track mode is to maintain past,present and future data effectively.The various update date track modes are: CORRECTION : Over writes the data. No history will maintain.UPDATE : Keeps the history and new change will effect as of effective dateUPDATE_CHANGE_INSERT : Inserts the record and preserves the futureUPDATE_OVERRIDE : Inserts the record and overrides the future


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    Question No: 20

    While Implementing Oracle Fusion HCM you would like to use all the seeded Action types available.

    Identify four valid Seeded Action Types that can be used for this Implementation.

    1. Hire an employee

    2. Hire Contractor

    3. Leave of Absence

    4. Promotion

    5. Global Transfer

    6. Termination

    Answer: A,C,D,F Explanation:

    Note: Action Type

  • Action type identifies the type of business process associated with the action and determines what happens when you select an action. An action type is associated with one or more predefined actions. You can create your own actions and associate them with the predefined action types. For example, the Hire an Employee action type is associated with the Hire action. You could create an action Hire Part-Time and associate it with the Hire an Employee action type. Your action appears in the Action list of values on the Hire an Employee page. To hire a part-time employee, you could select the Hire Part-Time action instead of the predefined Hire action.

  • Action types are predefined and can contain one or more actions. You may associate your actions with the predefined action types but not create your own action types.

    Note 2: Seeded items are items that are provided out of the box.

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