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Oracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials

Question No: 21

You create a new ADF Faces page called emp.jspx and bind some data controls to that page. You notice a file called empPageDef.xml. What is this file for? (Choose best Answer)

  1. it is the page definition that contains the XML representation of the page layout and the components on that page.

  2. it is a template file into which you can write any managed bean code.

  3. it js the page template definition file that represents the chosen quick start layout.

  4. it is the file that contains the definition of the bindings to your data-bound components.

  5. it defines the binding context for all pages in your application.

Answer: D

Question No: 22

When creating a bounded task flow that uses ADF Business Components, which two steps do you need to perform to enable the task flow to manage its own transactionquot;? (Choose two.)

  1. Define transaction properties at the task-flow level

  2. Include a phaseUstener in a managed bean with methods for commit and rollback

  3. Add the application module commit and rollback operations as buttons or links on the last JSF page of the flow

  4. Define task flow return activities in the flow and associate quot;End transactionquot; attribute values with them

Answer: A,D

Question No: 23

Consider the following code:

lt;af:inputTexl valueChangeListener=quot;#{myBean.handleChange}r …/gt;

lt;af:commandButton actionListener= n#{myBean.doAction}quot; action=quot;#

{myBean qetDestmation}quot; …/gt;

At run time, a user modifies the value in the af:inputText control, then presses afcommandButton

Assuming no errors are raised, which option represents the managed bean code invoked in the correct order1? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. myBean handleChange, myBean doAction, myBean.qetDestination

  2. myBean.doAction, myBean handleChange, myBean.getDestination

  3. myBean.handleChange, myBean.doAction

  4. myBean.doAction, myBean.handleChange

Answer: C

Question No: 24

Which two statements describe the characteristics of an entity object? (Choose two.)

  1. An entity object represents a cache for records retrieved from the database.

  2. An entity object includes an ORDER clause to allow you to order the data in it.

  3. An entity object includes a WHERE clause to allow you to shape the data in it.

  4. Every column in a database table must be represented as an entity object attribute.

  5. An entity object definition is described in XML.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 25

Your Business Components service has a view object (EmployeesView) with an attribute called Surname. Surname has the Tooltip Text control hint set to quot;This is the surname fieldquot;. Where is the actual string for the tooltip defined? (Choose the best answer)

  1. in the view object definition file, for example, EmployeesView xml

  2. in a string bundle file called ModelBundle properties

  3. in ViewObjectlmpl.java for the EmployeesView view object

  4. in the adf-config.xml file

  5. in a property set file with the default name PropertySet xml

Answer: A

Question No: 26

Which statement is true about the use of data controls in JSF? (Choose the best answer)

  1. Only Oracle ADF Business Components can be exposed as data controls.

  2. Dragging a data control onto a JSF page generates a Java class that acts as a managed bean

  3. An XXXpagedef xml file holds detailed information about a JSF page#39;s use of data and operations exposed through ADF Data Controls

  4. Data controls eliminate the need to use expression language in your JSF code for binding the Ul to data

  5. A Databindings cpx file holds names of managed beans that you map to Ul elements

Answer: D

Question No: 27

View the Exhibit

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Which two modifications would you make in the task flow so that RegisterRouter displays the appropriate page depending on the user type and subsequently displays the confirmation page? (Choose two.)

  1. Define the isCustomer outcome in RegisterRouter

  2. Create a global control flow rule pointing to CustomerPage

  3. Create a control flow rule from EmployeePaqe to Confirmation

  4. Change the default activity from Register to RegisterRouter.

  5. Set the isEmployee outcome to #{FALSE}.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 28

Consider a bounded task flow input parameter called employeeld of type oracle jbo.domain.Number. When defining the parameter in the bounded task flow, if you do not define a value (destination) for the parameter, where does it get written to? (Choose the best answer.)

  1. #(employeeld)

  2. #{employee.employeeld}

  3. #{pageFlowScope employeeld}

  4. #{pageFlowScope employee employeeld)

  5. #{backingBeanScope employeeld)

  6. #{backingBeanScope employee.employeeld)

Answer: C

Question No: 29

Which two statements are true about unbounded task flows? (Choose two.)

  1. They must have a defined entry point.

  2. They must have a defined exit point

  3. They may pass parameters to bounded task flows.

  4. They can use method calls but not routers to control navigation.

  5. Parameters cannot be passed to an unbounded task flow.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 30

Which three resources can be secured by using the declarative features of ADF security? (Choose three)

  1. task flows

  2. pages that are not contained within a task flow

  3. attributes defined in entity objects

  4. specifi c rows of data

  5. stack traces

  6. PL/SQL procedures

Answer: A,B,C

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