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Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials

Question No: 31

A client has a requirement to integrate BI Reports from BI Dashboard with WebCenter Portal. However, when a user clicks the BI server connection in the Portal’s Resource Catalog, he or she is unable to see any reports from BI Publisher. But when a user clicks the BI server connection in the WC, he or she is unable to see any reports from BI Publisher.

What is the reason for this?

  1. You need to import the BI Publisher connection into WebCenter Portal.

  2. The user does not have permissions to view BI Catalog on BI Publisher.

  3. The user needs to have the permission on the BI Publisher connection in WebCenter Portal.

  4. The user needs to have the permission on BI Task Flows.

Answer: D

Question No: 32

In WebCenter Portal server, how do you definitively disable the ability to create a portal?

  1. Edit your page template and remove the “Create Portal” links.

  2. This feature cannot be disabled because it is an integral part of WebCenter Portal.

  3. Revoke the Create Portal application permission from authenticated users.

  4. You can disable the portal creation feature by using a system parameter.

Answer: C

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29542_01/webcenter.1111/e27738/wcadm_ps_security.htm

Question No: 33

You want to develop Portal assets in JDeveloper. Which version of JDeveloper should you use?

  1. with the Portal extension

  2. with the Portal extension

  3. with the Portal extension

  4. any version with the Portal extension

Answer: C

Question No: 34

Which role can make a portal available for self-subscription?

  1. No roles can do this; it is not a feature.

  2. The Moderator role can do this.

  3. All seeded roles have this capability, but custom roles do not have it.

  4. The Administrator can enable any role to do this.

Answer: B

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29542_01/doc.1111/e27603/portsec_mem.htm

Question No: 35

On a normally well-performing environment, you are experiencing unexpected slow response times, or no server response, for some page requests in WebCenter Portal? You are attempting to debug this issue starting at WLS.

Which two diagnostic steps should you take to resolve this issue?

  1. Submit more requests to the server to see if it responds.

  2. Check the WLS admin console to see the status of the managed server.

  3. Check the diagnostic log file for the managed server to see if there are STUCK threads.

  4. Perform a cold restart of the server.

Answer: C,D

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15586_01/fusionapps.1111/e14496/psr_trouble.htm

Question No: 36

What component should you use to display recent blog posts in a Portal?

  1. Recent Documents

  2. Recent Posts

  3. Lists

  4. Blog Viewer

Answer: B

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29542_01/doc.1111/e27603/servtool_blogs.htm

Question No: 37

You want all uploaded policy documents in HR Portal to have additional fields containing certain attributes (name, start date, and end date), which end users must fill as part of the document upload process using the WebCenter Portal Document Manager task flow.

How can you accomplish this?

  1. On WebCenter Content, create a content type with specific extension.

  2. Create a Content Profile on WebCenter Content with appropriate rules.

  3. Create a folder titled “Policy” and upload all documents to it.

  4. Associate rules with a Portal-mapped folder that stores such documents.

Answer: C

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29542_01/doc.1111/e26693/ucm_profiles.htm

Question No: 38

Which two skinable components are WebCenter specific (as against basic ADF)?

  1. showDetailFrame

  2. showDetailItem

  3. panelCustomizable

  4. decorativeBox

Answer: B,D

Question No: 39

What cannot be done in the page editor?

  1. copying a page with its page variants

  2. previewing a page in different devices

  3. adding a page parameter for just one page variant but not its base page

  4. filtering the pages by device group

Answer: A

Question No: 40

Which two options are required when configuring Portal in a clustered environment?

  1. ensuring each Portal server has its own content server

  2. enforcing Sticky Sessions on the Load Balancer, which handles the requests for the Portal application

  3. hosting all portal instances on the same server

  4. configuring session replication between the Portal cluster nodes

Answer: A,C

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