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Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials

Question No: 441 – (Topic 5)

Tax on Receivables invoices are posted to different General Ledger (GL) accounts by

taxing authorities in your primary ledger. For example, one GL account (2501) for California tax and one (2502) for VirginiA. There is a regulatory requirement for tax on Receivables invoices to be posted to one account (2550) in your secondary ledger. Where would you set up the accounting rules for this requirement?

  1. Oracle Payables

  2. Oracle Receivables

  3. Oracle General Ledger

  4. Oracle E-Business Tax

  5. Oracle Subledger Accounting

Answer: E

Question No: 442 – (Topic 5)

Identify two correct statements about Oracle Receivables. (Choose two.)

  1. AutoAccounting is only used for the imported transactions.

  2. Errors in the AutoInvoice are sent to the Interface Exceptions table.

  3. Receivables transactions cannot be changed after they are printed.

  4. Receipt accounting can be transferred after the receipts are entered and saved.

  5. Transfer to General Ledger can transfer transaction accounting entries after the transactions are entered and saved.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 443 – (Topic 5)

You have Oracle Receivables and Trade Management installed to manage claims. You discover that one claim is a split claim, that is, half valid and half invalid. Identify three correct statements about split claims. (Choose three.)

  1. The amount of the claim is split in Receivables.

  2. Splits are never shown in Receivables, they look like one claim.

  3. The originating non-invoice-related claim number would be shown in Receivables with the split number.

  4. When a claim is split in Trade Management, the information is not immediately updated in Receivables.

  5. Claim information is automatically updated in Receivables when one of the claims is

resolved directly from Trade Management.

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 444 – (Topic 5)

All remittance bank details are created and maintained in .

  1. Oracle Payables

  2. Oracle Purchasing

  3. Oracle Receivables

  4. Oracle Cash Management

  5. Oracle Trade Management

  6. Oracle Lease Management

Answer: D

Question No: 445 – (Topic 5)

ABC Enterprise wants to achieve processing efficiencies in its accounts closing cycle. It has multiple ledgers and needs to summarize balances across ledgers. ABC Enterprise is security conscious and wants to restrict user access on ledgers. All its ledgers share the same chart of accounts and accounting calendar or period-type combination. Identify which functionality of Oracle General Ledger serves the need of ABC Enterprise.

  1. Ledgers

  2. Ledger sets

  3. Consolidation

  4. Data access sets

  5. Balance transfers

Answer: B

Question No: 446 – (Topic 5)

Which form can you use to set up automatic transaction numbering?

  1. Profile Options

  2. System Options

  3. Transaction Types

  4. Transaction Sources

Answer: D

Question No: 447 – (Topic 5)

ABC Company in India imports baking equipment from XYZ Company in the US A. There is an outstanding invoice of $1,000,000 to be paid in two months. The USD-to-INR rate when the transaction was done was 47.5. Now the USD-to-INR rate has changed from 47.5 to

40.5. Jack, who is a treasury analyst at ABC Company, reviews the transactions and comes to a conclusion. Select two correct conclusions arrived upon by Jack. (Choose two.)

  1. XYZ Company is not impacted at all by this rate change.

  2. XYZ Company has a positive impact by this rate change.

  3. ABC Company is not impacted at all by this rate change.

  4. ABC Company has a positive impact by this rate change.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 448 – (Topic 5)

Jack is implementing Oracle General Ledger for ABC Corporation. The management wants the definition of data access set with full ledger access set type for its four ledgers/ledger sets as shown here:

Balancing Segment Value Data Access Set Type Ledger/Ledger Set Balancing Segment Value Privileges ABC Services All Read and Write

ABC Operations 01 Read-Only

ABC Operations 20 (Parent of child values 21-29) Read and Write ABC Global Industries Ledger Set All Read and

Write Select two correct statements in this scenario. (Choose two.)

  1. Users can only view the existing data in ABC Operations for the balancing segment value 01.

  2. Users have read-only access to the data in some balancing segment values in the ledger set, ABC Global Industries.

  3. Users have read and write access to the data in some balancing segment values in the ledger set, ABC Global Industries.

  4. Responsibilities using this data access set will have read and write access to the data in ABC Services and all its balancing segment values.

Answer: A,D

Question No: 449 – (Topic 5)

Identify two reasons why ABC Company would use Oracle Business Intelligence (BIS) as one of their reporting tools. (Choose two.)

  1. Perform ad hoc query, reporting, analysis, and Web publishing.

  2. Provide a secured and centralized location to produce and manage point-in-time reports.

  3. Executive-level information about earnings per share and current ratios can be obtained.

  4. Monitor the business at a high level and obtain performance measures by using business metrics.

  5. Create consolidated reports and perform consolidation for companies that share the same ledger.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 450 – (Topic 5)

Select four processes that are facilitated by the credit management workflow. (Choose four.)

  1. Gathering prospect credit data

  2. Analyzing prospect credit data

  3. Gathering organization account credit data

  4. Implementing credit decisions for individuals

  5. Implementing credit decisions for organizations

  6. Analyzing customer account credit data for individuals

Answer: A,B,C,E

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