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Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials

Question No: 451 – (Topic 5)

Jane, the GL accountant, says that she had heard about the budget upload functionality of Oracle General Ledger and had been eager to test it. However, she was unable to test it in the Conference Room Pilot (CRP) instance. What would be your explanation?

  1. The GL period is closed.

  2. The budget status may be frozen.

  3. The GL account code combination is invalid.

  4. Budget journals are required at the ledger level.

  5. The budget dates in the budget organization have a different date range.

Answer: D

Question No: 452 – (Topic 5)

ABC Corp. has a requirement that all budget entries are made through journals. Identify one choice where this can be accomplished.

  1. Ledger setup

  2. Journal types

  3. Journal sources

  4. Journal categories

  5. Budget organizations

Answer: A

Question No: 453 – (Topic 5)

Organizations have unique credit policies that aid in managing their collections and establishing relationships with customers. Describe the two dimensions on which Oracle Credit Management is based. (Choose two.)

  1. Various customer credit classifications

  2. Various credit review types identified by collectors

  3. Various analysis of prior billing period and receipt history of customers

  4. Various analysis of customers on the basis of the aging of their outstanding balances

Answer: A,B

Question No: 454 – (Topic 5)

Identify two credit memo options that are available in Oracle Receivables. (Choose two.)

  1. Tax only

  2. Advance

  3. Paid freight

  4. Invoice lines

  5. Paid amount only

Answer: A,D

Question No: 455 – (Topic 5)

Identify two mandatory attributes for grouping rules. (Choose two.)

  1. GL date (GL_DATE)

  2. Sales order (SALES_ORDER)

  3. Currency (CURRENCY_CODE)

  4. Accounting rule (ACCOUNTING_RULE_ID)

Answer: A,C

Question No: 456 – (Topic 5)

The board of directors of Acme Enterprises decide to float two new ompanies: Acme Construction and Acme Exports. hey want to implement Oracle General Ledger. They want to restrict access across these new companies. Only the Vice President (Finance) must have complete access.

Identify two correct statements. (Choose two.)

  1. Create one primary ledger for Acme Enterprises.

  2. Create one primary ledger for Acme Enterprises, one for Acme Construction, and one for Acme Exports.

  3. Create only three data access sets: one for Acme Enterprises, one for Acme

    Construction, and one for Acme Exports.

  4. Create one data access set and provide read and write access to Acme Enterprises, and read only access to Acme Construction and Acme Exports.

  5. Create four data access sets: one with read and write access for all companies and the rest with read and write access for the respective balancing segment values for each company.

Answer: A,E

Question No: 457 – (Topic 5)

Identify four required Oracle Credit Management system options. (Choose four.)

  1. Territory

  2. Legal entity

  3. Aging bucket

  4. Exchange rate type

  5. Default customer credit classification

  6. Data quality management (DQM) matching rule name

Answer: C,D,E,F

Question No: 458 – (Topic 5)

Which table stores information about contingencies that impact revenue recognition for imported transactions?






Answer: B

Question No: 459 – (Topic 5)

Identify a correct statement about profile classes.

  1. Credit checking is managed in Receivables and Credit Management.

  2. Late charge type includes adjustment, debit memo, and interest invoice.

  3. Profile classes can be assigned to party, customer account, and account site levels.

  4. Profile classes can be assigned at the site level if the site has active bill-to and ship-to address purposes.

  5. Profile classes include credit check, credit collector, payment term, statement cycle, and statement-to address.

Answer: B

Question No: 460 – (Topic 5)

Which four transactions are imported by AutoInvoice? (Choose four.)

  1. Invoices

  2. Deposits

  3. Guarantees

  4. Debit memos

  5. Credit memos

  6. On-account credits

    Answer: A,D,E,F

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