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Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials

Question No: 471 – (Topic 5)

All manual journal entries are defaulting to a non-current period. Which step was omitted from the accounting cycle?

  1. Updating the period

  2. Posting journal entries

  3. Consolidating financials

  4. Reversing journal entries

  5. Translating foreign balances

Answer: A

Question No: 472 – (Topic 5)

In order for supplementary data sources to be registered in Oracle Bill Presentment Architecture

(BPA), they must be interfaced with which Oracle Application?

  1. Oracle Projects

  2. Oracle Receivables

  3. Oracle Service Contract

  4. Oracle Order Management

Answer: B

Question No: 473 – (Topic 5)

The customer service department identified an order that was shipped and not invoiced. Identify four potential causes for this occurring. (Choose four.)

  1. AutoInvoice was not run.

  2. The invoice lacks an accounting rule.

  3. An AutoInvoice validation error exists.

  4. Order Management workflow is stuck.

  5. The order line has a back order credit hold.

Answer: A,C,D,E

Question No: 474 – (Topic 5)

After creating two new customers, ABC and XYZ, you create and complete an invoice for

$105 ($100 plus $5 tax) for customer ABC. You print the invoice and realize that you should have created the invoice for customer XYZ and not for customer ABC. The

accounting for the transaction is posted to the General Ledger (GL). Which is the best option to correct the situation?

  1. Create an adjustment to the invoice for the entire amount, and then create a negative adjustment to the account of XYZ.

  2. Create an on-account credit memo for $105 for ABC. Apply the on-account credit memo to the invoice. Enter and complete the invoice for XYZ.

  3. Change the status of the invoice to incomplete. Change the transaction type of the invoice to a transaction type that has class equal to credit memo. Complete the invoice. Enter and complete the invoice for XYZ.

  4. From the Navigator, select Transactions gt; Credit Transactions. The Credit Transactions form is displayed; choose your transaction. Click the Credit Balance button, save your work, and then click the Complete button. Enter and complete the invoice for XYZ.

Answer: D

Question No: 475 – (Topic 5)

Which three statements are true about AutoAccounting? (Choose three.)

  1. You define AutoAccounting before you enter transactions in Receivables.

  2. AutoAccounting does not allow you to override default accounts in the Transactions Distribution window.

  3. AutoAccounting allows you to flexibly define the default account mapping for each segment in your chart of account structure.

  4. AutoAccounting is used to determine default general ledger accounts for manual invoices and for invoices created by AutoInvoice.

Answer: A,C,D

Question No: 476 – (Topic 5)

For transaction-related activities such as adjustments and discounts, Receivables derives the balancing segment value from the account that is associated with the transaction.

  1. Revenue

  2. Receivables

  3. Unapplied cash

  4. Unearned revenue

  5. Unbilled receivables

  6. Earned and unearned discounts

Answer: B

Question No: 477 – (Topic 5)

The Receipt Inherit Invoice Number option affects only receipts created by .

  1. Oracle Cash Management

  2. Oracle Trade Management

  3. The AutoLockbox program

  4. The Automatic Receipts program

Answer: D

Question No: 478 – (Topic 5)

Newco Inc. has decided on a chart of accounts structure that consists of four segments:

company, cost center, account, and subaccount. It has only one company value and wants to restrict (limit the appearance of) the lists of account values and subaccount values for some cost centers. Which is the design option that would meet Newco Inc.#39;s requirement?

  1. Define a value set with independent validation and non-hierarchical security for each of the three segments: cost center, account, and subaccount. Enable security for all three segments and define security rules to restrict lists accordingly.

  2. Define a value set with independent validation for each of the three segments: cost center, account, and subaccount. Deselect dynamic inserts for the accounting flexfield structure and define all possible code combinations that are desirable for the specified cost centers.

  3. Define a value set for the cost center with independent validation and non-hierarchical security. Define a value set for the account with dependent validation, which depends on the cost center. Define a value set for the subaccount with dependent validation, which depends on the account. Enable security for the cost center segment and define security rules to restrict lists accordingly.

Answer: A

Question No: 479 – (Topic 5)

The Receivables QuickCash functionality enables you to .

  1. Apply receipts at invoice line level

  2. Apply receipts using Mass Apply window

  3. Apply receipts at invoice header level only

  4. Create adjustments and chargebacks for debit items with applied receipts

Answer: C

Question No: 480 – (Topic 5)

Your functional end users are perplexed by the contents of the AutoInvoice Execution report.

They needed expert guidance and came to you. You look at the report and see that the Interface

Lines section of the report shows the following: Selected: 9

Successfully Processed: 8

Failed Validation: 0

What is the likely reason for this?

  1. An adjustment update of an old invoice is included in this batch.

  2. The General Ledger (GL) code combination ID failed the cross validation rules.

  3. A debit memo for an invoice and the invoice itself are submitted in the same batch and the debit memo is selected first.

  4. A credit memo for an invoice and the invoice itself are submitted in the same batch and the credit memo is selected first.

  5. The GL code combination segment value for the cost center was valid in the prior calendar month but is end-dated a day earlier.

Answer: D

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