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Oracle EBS R12.1 General Ledger Essentials

Question No: 521 – (Topic 6)

After you define a credit analyst, you can modify any of the analyst#39;s information, except


  1. Employee and group

  2. Employee and username

  3. Organization and territory

  4. Cost center and employee

  5. Username and organization

  6. Group and group member role

Answer: B

Question No: 522 – (Topic 6)

ABC Enterprises is implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. They possess much data relating to Assets, HRMS, Inventory, vendors, and customers. They also have budgetary control enabled, and they have a substantial amount of budget datA. They want to upload their data into Oracle with the use of Oracle Web Application Desktop Integrator. Identify four types of data that can be used for uploading data by using Web ADI. (Choose four.)

  1. HRMS data

  2. Assets data

  3. Vendors data

  4. Budgets data

  5. Inventory data

  6. Customers data

Answer: A,B,D,E

Question No: 523 – (Topic 6)

ABC Corporation will be implementing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. Purchasing, Payables, Receivables, General Ledger, Assets, Projects, Order Management and Cash

Management will be implemented. Select three business flows that would involve these products. (Choose three.)

  1. Click to Order

  2. Order to Cash

  3. Procure to Pay

  4. Project to Profit

  5. Demand to Build

  6. Campaign to Order

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 524 – (Topic 6)

Identify the minimum prerequisites that should be met for deleting an Oracle Alert.

  1. Alert has no history and no enabled action sets.

  2. Alert has no history and no outstanding responses.

  3. Alert has no enabled action sets and no outstanding responses.

  4. Alert has no history, no enabled action sets, and no outstanding responses.

Answer: D

Question No: 525 – (Topic 6)

Company X has three Operating Units: A, B, and C. Each Operating Unit has the MO:Security Access profile option called ABC Security assigned. Operating Unit A has both the MO: Operating Unit profile option and the MO: Default Operating Unit profile option assigned to it. Which statement is true?

  1. Paul can create transactions for the A, B, and C Operating Units.

  2. All transactions created by Paul are automatically assigned to the Operating Unit A.

  3. Paul can report on data across A, B, and C Operating Units, but enter transactions only against A.

  4. The profile option did not include Operating Unit B and Operating Unit C due to an error by the system administrator.

  5. The Payables responsibility is linked to the Operating Unit A by the MO: Operating Unit profile option and can create transactions for that Operating Unit alone.

Answer: A

Question No: 526 – (Topic 6)

Your client occasionally charges sales tax erroneously to some customers. The client#39;s current process involves manually issuing a credit memo to correct the customer#39;s account. Customers routinely deduct the sales tax from the invoice before paying. Identify two steps that can help simplify the clients current process. (Choose two.)

  1. Set up AutoAccounting.

  2. Set up adjustment approval limits.

  3. Set up transaction type for tax adjustment.

  4. Select the TAX: Allow Override of Tax Code profile option.

  5. Define receivables activity of adjustment with tax accounting distribution.

  6. Define receivables activity of miscellaneous cash with tax accounting distribution.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 527 – (Topic 6)

Which two statements are true about invoicing rules and accounting rules? (Choose two.)

  1. If a transaction has an invoicing rule, an accounting rule is optional.

  2. If a transaction has an invoicing rule, an accounting rule is not allowed.

  3. If a transaction has an invoicing rule, an accounting rule is also required.

  4. Invoicing rules and accounting rules have no effect until invoices are paid.

  5. Invoicing rules and accounting rules have no effect unless you choose the accrual method of accounting.

  6. Invoicing rules determine when invoices are due. Accounting rules affect how invoices are accounted for.

Answer: C,E

Question No: 528 – (Topic 6)

Which two parameters facilitate cross organization reports in a Multi-Org environment? (Choose two.)

  1. Ledger

  2. Legal Entity

  3. Operating Unit

  4. Reporting Level

  5. Reporting Context

Answer: D,E

Question No: 529 – (Topic 6)

You are setting up Receivable Accounting Events in Subledger Accounting. Identify the Event Entity.

  1. Invoices

  2. Deposits

  3. Guarantees

  4. Transactions

  5. Chargebacks

Answer: D

Question No: 530 – (Topic 6)

There are several setup steps for receipts in Oracle Receivables; some are required whereas others are optional. Which two setup steps are optional? (Choose two.)

  1. Define receipt classes.

  2. Define receipt methods.

  3. Define receipt sources.

  4. Define AutoCash rule sets.

  5. Define application rule sets.

Answer: D,E

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