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Oracle EBS R12.1 Purchasing Essentials

Question No: 21 – (Topic 1)

You have been asked by the HR Manager to define Oracle Alert to show all employees terminated in the past six months.

Identify three pieces of information that is required to define this Alert. (Choose three.)

  1. actions that you want Alert to perform

  2. frequency with which you want to run this Alert

  3. a SQL statement that retrieves terminated employees

  4. name of the concurrent program to be run after Alert runs

  5. database table name, which stores employee Information to specify In the Event Details section

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 22 – (Topic 1)

When a quotation is due to expire within the number of days you specified, then you receive the following message in the Notifications Summary window: Quotations active or approaching expiration: [number].

Where is this [number] set up in the system?

  1. in the Quote Header – Warning Delay field

  2. in the Systems Profile Options – PO: Quote Warning Delay

  3. in Purchasing Options on the #39;Default#39; Tab – Quote Warning Delay field

  4. Lookup Code, which is an (LOV) list of Values, in the Quote Header – Warning Delay field

Answer: C

Question No: 23 – (Topic 1)

Select three true statements regarding the Workflow Document Creation prerequisite (PO Create Documents workflow). (Choose three.)

  1. Catalog quote must not be expired, but may be inactive.

  2. Supplier and supplier site are required on the requisition related to a contract purchase order.

  3. If a system Item is not associated with the requisition line, a supplier item number is required.

  4. Sourcing rules are required If the requisition originates in Oracle Purchasing or


  5. No source document is required for the PO Create Documents workflow to create a release or purchase order.

  6. The only time an approved supplier list is required is if your source document is a

blanket purchase agreement and you are using a system item.

Answer: B,C,F

Question No: 24 – (Topic 1)

Consider the following setups:

  1. Purchasing System Option enforce Full Lot Quantity * Mandatory

  2. Rounding Factor at the item level = 75%

  3. Unit of Issue at the item level = Dozen

Select two statements that are true. (Choose two.)

  1. If the user enters 6 each on an internal requisition, the quantity will be rounded to 0,

  2. If the user enters 6 each on a purchase requisition, the quantity will be rounded to 0,

  3. If the user enters 11 each on an internal requisition, the quantity will be rounded to 12 each,

  4. If the user enters 11 each on a purchase requisition, the quantity will be rounded to 12 each,

  5. An advisory message suggesting rounding and a suggested rounding quantity are displayed, but you can override this.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 25 – (Topic 1)

Requisition Import groups all requisitions with the same group code under the same requisition header. If no group code is specified, Requisition Import groups requisitions according to five types of groups that can be optionally passed to the Requisition Import process. Identify them. (Choose five.)

  1. Group by Item.

  2. Group by price.

  3. Group by buyer.

  4. Group by UOM.

  5. Group by location.

  6. Group by supplier.

  7. Group by description.

  8. Group all requisition lines under one requisition header

Answer: A,C,E,F,H

Question No: 26 – (Topic 1)

While defining Approval Groups, which three objects can you define authorization rules for? (Choose three.)

  1. Buyer

  2. Location

  3. Commodity

  4. Item Category

  5. Account Range

  6. Document Amount

Answer: B,D,E

Question No: 27 – (Topic 1)

Which two statements are true regarding approval workflows In Purchasing? (Choose two.)

  1. You can limit approval levels in an Approval Group by Item Category.

  2. Approval routing can cut across legal entities within a business group.

  3. A Purchase Requisition and a Standard Purchase Order cannot have different approval levels.

  4. The Hierarchy Forward Method routes the document to the first approver in the hierarchy who has the required approval limits for that document.

  5. During Position Hierarchy setup, a constraint that must be considered is that the Subordinate must not be the manager of the Position Holder in their regular job roles.

Answer: A,B

Question No: 28 – (Topic 1)

Which three are true about the Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) proems? (Choose three)

  1. Invoice is always created for the supplier site.

  2. Invoice is always created In unapproved status,

  3. Invoice currency is always defaulted from the purchase order currency.

  4. Payment currency is always defaulted from the purchase order currency,

  5. Payment terms are always defaulted from the purchase order payment terms.

  6. Amount is always determined by multiplying the Quantity received by the purchase order item unit price.

Answer: B,C,F

Question No: 29 – (Topic 1)

There are four tabbed regions In the Supplier Item Catalog window (Negotiated Sources, Prior Purchases, Sourcing Rules, and Requisition Templates), but function security can be used to determine whether a user will be able to see all of them.

In release R12, where is the requisition setup option that determines which of the tabbed regions is the default?

  1. in the Profile Options setup

  2. in the Lookup Codes setup

  3. in the Document Types setup

  4. in the Purchasing Options setup

  5. in the Expense Account Rules setup

  6. in the Requisition Preferences setup

Answer: A

Question No: 30 – (Topic 1)

Price Tolerance (%) on the Purchasing Options Control section refers to the percentage by which .

  1. the purchase order line price cannot exceed a price quote

  2. the invoice price cannot exceed the purchase order line price

  3. the purchase order line price cannot exceed the blanket amount

  4. the supplier catalog price cannot exceed purchase order line price

  5. the purchase order line price cannot exceed the requisition line price

Answer: E

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