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Oracle Application Grid 11g Essentials

Question No: 31

Oracle Fusion Middleware Control runs as:

  1. A module in Oracle HTTP Server

  2. A PIVSQL module in Oracle Database

  3. An application in WebLogic Server Administration Server

  4. An application in WebLogic Server Managed Servers

Answer: A

Question No: 32

Identify the two optional WebLogic security providers in an Oracle WebLogic security realm.

  1. Authentication Provider

  2. Adjudication Provider

  3. Authorization Provider

  4. Auditing Provider

Answer: B,D

Question No: 33

As an architect for ABC bank, you have been tasked to improve the performance of their online balance transfer application. Due to various mergers and takeovers, the bank has heterogeneous systems. Some applications are based on Java while others on either .net or C . You would like to propose object serialization with Coherence to enable passing objects between these different language platforms.

Which of the following options provides this capability?

  1. Standard Java serialization

  2. .Net Binary serialization

  3. Coherence Portable Object Format

  4. Coherence ExternalizableLite

Answer: C

Question No: 34

A is a collection of components managed by Fusion Middleware Control. It can contain Oracle WebLogic Server domains, one Administration Server, one or more Managed Servers, clusters, and the Oracle Fusion Middleware components that are installed, configured, and running in the domain.

  1. farm

  2. bean

  3. unit

  4. node

Answer: A

Question No: 35

Integration between with quot;multi data sources#39; and is defined as Gridlink for RAC (Real Application Clusters).

  1. Oracle WebLogic Server; Oracle Database

  2. Oracle WebLogic Server clusters; Oracle Database

  3. Oracle WebLogic Server clusters; Oracle Database RAC

  4. Oracle OC4J; Oracle Database RAC

Answer: C

Question No: 36

Which console allows me to choose between stopping a WebLogic managed server immediately versus quiescing it and stopping the server when all requests complete?

  1. Grid Control Console

  2. Fusion Middleware Console

  3. WebLogic Administration Console

  4. CAMM Console

Answer: C

Question No: 37

Which Oracle WebLogic Server feature would you recommend to your clients to enable a stand-alone message producer, or a group of producers acting as one with respect to the processing order?

  1. Connection Factory

  2. Messaging Bridge

  3. Unit-of-Order

  4. Store-and-Forward

Answer: C

Question No: 38

Name three attributes used to configure a multi-data source in Oracle WebLogic.

  1. Statement Cache Type

  2. Logging Last Resource

  3. Algorithm Type

  4. Failover Request if Busy

  5. JNDI Name

    Answer: C,D,E

    Explanation: To create a JDBC multi data source:

    1. If you have not already done so, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Lock amp; Edit (see Use the Change Center).

    2. In the Domain Structure tree, expand Services gt; JDBC, then select Multi Data Sources.

    3. On the Summary of Multi Data Sources page, click New.

    4. On the Configure the Multi Data Source page, enter or select the following information:

      Name – Enter a unique name for this JDBC multi data source. This name is used in the configuration files (config.xml and the JDBC module) and throughout the Administration Console whenever referring to this data source.

      JNDI Name – Enter the JNDI path to where this JDBC data source will be bound. Applications look up the data source on the JNDI tree by this name when reserving a connection.

      Algorithm Type – Select an algorithm option:

      • Failover – The multi data source routes connection requests to the first data source in the list; if the request fails, the request is sent to the next data source in the list, and so forth.

      • Load-Balancing – The multi data source distributes connection requests evenly to its member data sources.

      For more information about these choices, refer to Configuration Options. Click Next to continue.

      Enabling Failover for Busy Data Sources in a Multi Data SourceBy default, for multi data sources with the Failover algorithm, when the number of requests for a database connection exceeds the number of available connections in the current data source in the multi data source, subsequent connection requests fail.

      To enable the multi data source to failover when all connections in the current data source are in use, you can enable the Failover Request if Busy option on the JDBC Multi Data Source: Configuration: General page in the Administration Console. (Also available as theFailoverRequestIfBusy attribute in the JDBCDataSourceParamsBean.). If enabled (set to true), when all connections in the current data source are in use, application requests for connections will be routed to the next available data source within the multi data source.

      When disabled (set to false, the default), connection requests do not failover.

      Question No: 39

      At run time, each Oracle WebLogic Server instance in a given domain creates an in- memory representation of the configuration described in this document.

      1. mds-mbeans.xml

      2. config.xml

      3. policy.xml

      4. data.xml

Answer: B

Question No: 40

Which two statements are true about Oracle ActiveCache?

  1. It supports very large data-sets such as the result-sets from large search queries to be held in memory.

  2. It provides a set of management tools that enables automation of configuration.

  3. It provides enhanced visibility across the entire application infrastructure.

  4. It significantly increases the performance of Web-based applications with no code change.

Answer: A,D

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