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Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation 10.1.3 Essentials

Question No: 21

What are two common issues that prevent successful aggregate table processing?

  1. Aggregation content is not specified correctly.

  2. Aggregate dimension sources are physically joined to aggregate fact table sources at the same level

  3. A dimensional source exists at the same level as a fact table source

  4. Aggregate dimension sources do not contain a column that maps to the primary key of the dimension hierarchy level

  5. The number of elements are specified for the dimension hierarchy levels

Answer: A,D

Question No: 22

Which tow statements are TRUE of data-level security?

  1. Data-level security allows control over data seen by an end user in report.

  2. Defining user and group access allows you to control data-level security

  3. Data-level security requires separate reports for each user in order to display different results for each user.

  4. Data-level security is implemented using only two prebuilt initialization blocks(Primary Owner ID and

Primary Position ID)

Answer: A,B

Question No: 23

Which default drive is created in ODBC system DSN during installation of Oracle BI Server and

Presentation services?

  1. Analytics

  2. WebAnalytics

  3. BIAnalytics

  4. AnalyticsWeb

  5. PresentationWeb

Answer: D

Question No: 24

You would like to examine which columns in the presentation layer map to a specific table in the business

model. Which of the following utilities would you use?

  1. oracle BI Answers

  2. Query Repository from the analytics administration Tool

  3. Online Help of the analytics Administration Tool

  4. Physical Table Diagram from the analytics administration Tool

Answer: B

Question No: 25

Which of the following is NOT true of consistency check?

  1. It guarantees that the business model is correctly built

  2. You can check the whole repository’s consistency or just a business model’s consistency

  3. If finds logical columns that are not mapped to physicals sources

  4. It checks for undefined logical join conditions

Answer: A

Question No: 26

ABC would like to analyze which of its hundred stores have improved its order fulfillment rate last year. If

ABC uses a dimensional modeling to answer the above question, Which of the following would be its fact table?

  1. Stores

  2. Orders

  3. Products

  4. Time

Answer: B

Question No: 27

Which three of the following are some of the leading practices when modeling the Business model and

mapping layer?

  1. Combine all attributes that describe a single entity

  2. Create system ODBC in this layer

  3. Delete logical columns that map to keys of physical dimension tables

  4. Delete key columns as they will not be exposed to the analytic WE UI

  5. Make the logical columns names unique within a subject area

  6. Make sure that extension tables are accessed only when necessary

Answer: A,E,F

Question No: 28

Which of the following is NOT one of the ways to define physical foreign keys and joins?

  1. Crete them using Joins Manage gt; Action gt; New gt; Foreign Key

  2. In the business model and mapping layer, right click the model foldergt;Physical diagram and navigate

    to any of the paths

  3. In the physical layer, right-click the databasegt;Physical diagram and navigate to any of the paths that

    are not grayed out

  4. In the file menu , Select Create gt; Joins

Answer: D

Question No: 29

You want to compare the % increase / Decrease in sales figure for each of your real estate agents in each district from a year ago. Which of the following would best suit your need?

  1. Aliases of fact tables

  2. Slowly changing dimensions

  3. Aggregate tables

  4. Extension tables

  5. Header and details data

Answer: A

Question No: 30

ABC’s database administrator has divided one huge sales rep table into two smaller table so that are table contains actual sales figures and the other contains the quota what kind of partition is used?

  1. Fact-Based

  2. value based

  3. level-based

  4. Mixed

  5. Complex

Answer: A

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