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Oracle Database 11g Security Essentials

Question No: 21

Changing the master key uses fewer resources than changing table keys.

  1. TRUE

  2. FALSE

Answer: A Explanation:

Changing the master key requires fewer resources than changing the table keys, which requirerekeying the data.

Question No: 22

Which four are Oracle Data Masking Pack primitives?

  1. Random numbers

  2. Random digits IS

  3. Random images

  4. Random dates

  5. Random strings

Answer: A,B,D,E Explanation:

Using the Data Masking Pack sensitive data irreversibly replaced with realistic-lookingbut scrubbed data based on rules and templates. The original data cannot be retrieved,recovered, orrestored. By masking sensitive data it is no longer sensitive or subjectto regulatory requirements and can be shared with internal or external groups.

The DMP offers uses an extensible format library for consistent masking of fields. Theout- of-the-box format library can be extended by customers and third-parties based onapplication specific best practices. The masking rules are applied automatically acrossall databases in the enterprise maintaining referential integrity for applications.

Question No: 23

How many masking operations must be performed to mask six columns in a table?

  1. None

  2. One

  3. Three

  4. Six

Answer: D Explanation: 1 per column

Question No: 24

Which utilizes a two-tier architecture?

  1. Advanced Security

  2. Oracle Database Vault

  3. Oracle Audit Vault

  4. Oracle Label Security

  5. Oracle Data Masking Pack

  6. Virtual Private Database

Answer: A Explanation:

Advanced Security Option uses a two-tier architecture for key management.

Question No: 25

Why would a merger or acquisition lead to the need for Oracle Audit Vault?

  1. Larger amounts of data would require more resources for auditing

  2. Heterogeneous databases could benefit from a centralized audit repository

  3. Oracle Audit Vault can help identify differences in security schemes

  4. Oracle Audit Vault can help to consolidate database schemas.

Answer: B

Question No: 26

Your customer wants to add an additional level of security to their data, based on values In Individual records.

The good news is that they have a column in the target table that lists the application role they would like to use to control access. Which security feature or option will give them this

capability in the most efficient way?

  1. Advanced Security Option

  2. Oracle Database Vault

  3. Oracle Audit Vault

  4. Oracle Data Masking Pack

  5. Virtual Private Database

  6. Oracle Label Security

Answer: F Explanation:

With Oracle Label Security, you restrict user access to data by focusing on row data, and designing differentlevels of access based on the sensitivity of your data.

Question No: 27

How can you protect Oracle Database Vault Audit records?

  1. By restricting access to the DBV.AUDIT tables

  2. You don#39;t have to – Oracle Database Vault audit records are protected.

  3. With standard separation of duties

  4. By defining using the Audit role defined within Oracle Database Vault.

Answer: B Explanation:

By default, Oracle Database Vault is enabled in the Audit Vault Server. Oracle Database Vault restricts access to the data in the Audit Vault Server from any user,including users who have administrative access. For Oracle Audit Vault, OracleDatabase Vault protectsthe Audit Vault Server by using a realm. To ensure that thedata in the Audit Vault Server is protected, do not disable Oracle Database Vault.

Question No: 28

Which two of the following Oracle Audit Vault collectors require the db to be open to start?

  1. Operating system audit collector

  2. Database audit collector

  3. Redo collector

  4. ODBC collector

Answer: C,D Explanation:

Applies to all collectors, as follows:

Oracle Database DBAUD, OSAUD, and REDO collectors. Contains monitoring information,such as whether the collector is active and how many records were sent. For the REDOcollector, the Streams framework performs the actual collection, so the Oracle Audit Vaultagent has no knowledge of the collection.

Non-Oracle Database collectors. Contains a log of all collection operations for theMSSQLDB, SYBDB, and DB2 collectors.

Question No: 29

Which two of the following benefits of enhanced data security can increase the opportunities for your solution?

  1. Lower costs for your development

  2. Greater efficiency in using your solution

  3. Access to opportunities that require some form of compliance

  4. Added value for your solution

Answer: C,D

Question No: 30

Which of the following encryption algorithms is the default for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) tablespace encryption?

  1. AES128

  2. AES192

  3. AES256

  4. 3DES168

Answer: B Explanation:

By default, TDE uses the AES encryption algorithm with a 192-bit key length (AES192).

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