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Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Human Capital Management Essentials

Question No: 1

Payroll has completed, but the payroll process is in incomplete status. The pre-payment process is run. ?

  1. The pre-payment process will not process any employee.

  2. Prepayments are processed only for those employees whose payroll process status Is Incomplete.

  3. Pre-payments are processed only for those employees whose payroll process status Is Complete.

  4. Prepayments are processed for all the employees for whom payroll was run.

  5. Pre-payments will be processed for all the employees with default payment method.

Answer: C

Reference: Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Payroll Processing Management Guide, Payroll Processing and Analysis

Question No: 2

HR department of the XYZ company has two types of users: HR Administrator and Head of Department (HoD), using the HR Executive and HR Manager responsibilities, respectively. The HoD wants to ensure that the HR Administrator has read-only access to the Grade Description form (Navigation: Work Structures gt; Grade gt; Description). Assuming that the Grade Description form and Taskflow associated with both the responsibilities are different, how can this be done?

  1. Add the parameter QUERY_ONLY=YES to the Grade Description form associated with the HR Executive responsibility.

  2. Create a new form using Custom form (Navigation: Security gt; Customform) under the HR Executive responsibility with the specific restrictions.

  3. Use HR Security profile to make the Grade Description form as read-only.

  4. HR Forms cannot be made read-only.

  5. Exclude the Grade Description function in the HR Executive responsibility.

Answer: B

Question No: 3

In Core HR, how can an organization capture all the recruitment activities for the current financial year within a parent recruitment activity?

  1. Create the parent recruitment activity. While creating the child recruitment activities specify the parent recruitment activity in the #39;Within Recruitment Activity1 section.

  2. Attach multiple recruitment activities to the same requisition.

  3. Attach multiple recruitment activities to the same vacancy.

  4. While creating the child/parent recruitment activities check the primary flag for the parent recruitment activity.

  5. A recruitment activity cannot be linked to any other recruitment activity.

Answer: B

Explanation: Explanation

Use the Recruitment Activity window to define either single recruitment activities or groups of activities. You can associate a recruitment activity with an organization and with one or more vacancies. You can record and monitor the cost effectiveness of any activity, or group of activities.

Reference: Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Workforce Sourcing, Deployment, and Talent Management Guide, Recruitment and Hiring

Question No: 4

An element exists with the classification, quot;Tax Deduction.quot; The element is not appearing in the Adjust balance element list. Identify two reasons for this.

  1. Adjustment cannot be done for the Element classification quot;Tax Deduction.quot;

  2. A valid element link is not created.

  3. The element must have an input value of the type date.

  4. If a Payroll is run for the effective date, then the element will not be available in the List of Values (LOV).

  5. The element creation date is later than the current effective date.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 5

Identify the two tasks that can be performed in Compensation Workbench (CWB)

  1. Set Budgets

  2. Review and Submit

  3. Change Supervisor

  4. Change Cost Center

  5. Change Job

Answer: A,B

Explanation: Typically, there are five tasks performed in CWB :

  • Set Budgets

  • Review and Submit

  • Allocate Compensation

  • Manage Approvals

  • Employee Statements

    Reference: Compensation Work Bench, An Overview

    Question No: 6

    For a new employee, the Assignment and Element related data was updated into the system. After the payroll and the post payroll processes were run, it was found that the employee#39;s Bank Account Information was not entered into the system. Assuming that no Override Payment Method was specified while running the Prepayment Process, what Payment Method would the system use for the new employee?

    1. The prepayment process would error out for the employee since the employee#39;s Bank Account Information has not been added to the system.

    2. The employee would be paid by the Default Payment Method associated with the payroll of the employee.

    3. The employee would be paid by the Default Payment Method associated with the Consolidation Set.

    4. The employee#39;s Pre-Payment will not be processed.

    5. The employee would be paid by the Default Payment Method associated with the Business Group.

    Answer: B Explanation:

    Payment Methods are defined for each Payroll with a Default specified. This default is used when the Payroll is associated with the employee and no personal payment method information has been entered for the employee

    Question No: 7

    In the Approval Management Engine (AME), how are the approvers notified in the Consensus Voting Regime?

    1. Members are notified in parallel.

    2. Members are notified one after the other, in an order consistent with the member#39;s order numbers.

    3. The first member to respond to the notification requesting approval becomes the group#39;s approval decision.

    4. No approval is required; only FYI notification is sent.

    5. Members are notified in Serial.

    Answer: A

    Explanation: The decision to parallelize the transaction#39;s approver groups and chains of authority amount to choosing consensus voting regimes for the approver groups.

    Reference: Oracle Approvals Management Implementation Guide, Implementing Oracle Approvals Management

    Question No: 8

    In Core HR, an applicant was created on 1-JUL-2009 with applicant status Accepted. On 20-JUL-2009 the same applicant was hired in the system with the hire date set as 20-Jul- 2009. No other transactions were done for this person. The hire date now needs to be changed to 10-Jul-2009. How can this be done?

    1. Date Track to 20-Jul-2009 and update the latest start date field with the new hire date.

    2. Date Track to 10-3UL-2009 and update the latest start date field with the new hire date.

    3. Date track to Ol-Jul-2009 and update the latest start date field with the new hire date.

    4. Date track to 10-JUL-2009. Click Cancel application and re-hire the employee on 10-Jul- 2009.

    5. Date track to 10-JUL-2009. Click Delete and select the DELETE-NEXT-CHANGE date track option. Save the changes and re-hire the employee on 10-Jul-2009.

    Answer: E

    Question No: 9

    Identify which four are available as a dynamic database item in a fast formula of the type quot;Oracle Payroll.

    1. Table Values

    2. Elements

    3. Balances

    4. Absence Types

    5. Grade Rates and Pay Scale Rates

    Answer: B,C,D,E Explanation:

    Dynamic database items are generated from your definitions of:

    • elements

    • balances

    • absence types

    • grade rates and pay scale rates

    • flexfield segments

    Reference: Oracle Human Resource Management Systems, Database Items

    Question No: 10

    A new Key Flexfield structure has been defined for the quot;Personal Analysis Flexfield.

    Which additional step is required to enable the Special Information structure in the Person Special Information Form (Navigation: People gt; Enter and Maintain gt; Others gt; Special information)?

    1. In the Special Information Types (SIT) form, create a row for the new SIT. Select the Enabled check box for other.

    2. For each business group, select the new SIT structure while defining the business group information in the additional organization information window.

    3. Run the Register Extra Information Types (EITs) concurrent program.

    4. Assign the SIT to the responsibility using the Information Type Security form.

    5. No additional steps required. SIT will be visible in the Special Information form in Core HR.

    Answer: A

    Explanation: Implementation: of special information type

    1. Configure the key Flexfield

    2. Add segments to the key flex field

    3. Assign value sets to segments. Skip this step if you want your key flexfled segment to be free text. Value sets are attached to each such segment that requires validation.

    4. In HRMS Superuser responsibility , enable the key flexfield context in screen quot;Define special information typequot; (A).

    Reference: Special Information Types -SIT in HRMS

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