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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9 Configurable Network Computing Essentials

Question No: 31

Which of the following settings must be configured AFTER creating the Business Services Server instance because it is not included as an option during the Business Services Server instance creation?

  1. Security Server

  2. Enterprise Server Name

  3. Enterprise Server Port

  4. System Datasource Name

  5. Database Type

Answer: E

Question No: 32

Which JDE.INI configuration setting redirects UBE file output?

  1. DefaultPrinterOutQ

  2. UBEQueue

  3. SaveOutput

  4. OutputDirectory

  5. Printlmmediate

Answer: D

Question No: 33

The EnterpriseOne HTML server utilizes serialized object specifications maintained in two tables (F989999 and F989998) for each path code. At what interval does the HTML server pole/discover the serialized object manifest and compare it against the currently package deployed to the Enterprise Server?

  1. 30 seconds

  2. 1 minute

  3. 5 minutes

  4. 10 minutes

  5. Variable defined by the JAS.INI file for the HTML server

Answer: E

Question No: 34

In order to create a supported production-ready Portal Server for EnterpriseOne, which three must be present (regardless of Collaborative or Oracle Portal)?

  1. Visual Studio C Compiler

  2. J2EE Application Server – OAS, WebSphere or WebLogic

  3. JDeveloper

  4. LDAP

  5. Relational Database Repository

Answer: C,D,E

Question No: 35

Regardless of the platform choice, Work with Server Jobs is the key mechanism to review the status of a UBE job that has been submitted to server. Which is an invalid job status that could be found for jobs submitted to a server?

  1. D – Done

  2. S – In Queue

  3. P- Processing

  4. F – Failed

  5. E – Error

Answer: D

Question No: 36

When deploying a new Update Package to a development workstation that includes multiple objects (including applications, UBEs, and business functions), which statement best describes what happens to local objects during a package deployment?

  1. Saved off to a backup location in zip format

  2. Automatically checked into the deployment server

  3. Completely replaced by the new updated objects in the package

  4. Merged with the new updated objects in the package

  5. Saved to the Save location as defined in OMW

Answer: B

Question No: 37

When defining a new Full Package definition for a development workstation, which two are NOT required to be included in the definition?

  1. Foundation

  2. Database

  3. Objects

  4. Features

  5. Parent Package

Answer: B,C

Question No: 38

ACME has built a full package and noticed there was a problem with the package build process for one of the objects. What table retains the history records that the Package History application utilizes?

A. F9603 B. F96225 C. F9650 D. F9651 E. F98825

Answer: B

Question No: 39

In a traditional EnterpriseOne installation, in which data source would you typically find the User Overrides table (F98950) for the PD900 environment?

  1. Business Data – Prod

  2. Central Objects – PD900

  3. Control Tables – Prod

  4. System – 900

  5. Versions – PD900

Answer: B

Question No: 40

Which step is NOT a valid Workbench process?

  1. Environment Workbench

  2. Package Workbench

  3. Control Table Workbench

  4. Machine Workbench

  5. Portal Workbench

Answer: D

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