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Oracle Application Development Framework Essentials

Question No: 51

If managed beans are required in an ADF application, in which two places should they be configured?

  1. In the page definition file

  2. In the faces-config.xml file

  3. In the adfc-config.xml file

  4. In the Property Inspector

  5. In the task flow definition files

Answer: B

Question No: 52

Your application contains a bounded task flow with four pages. The pages are all based on different application modules and the task flow has the transaction property set to quot;Always Begin New Transaction and a commit operation is defined as the return activity. The user makes some changes on each of the pages but a commit failure occurs on the bindings in the third page.

Which of these scenarios describes the outcome of this situation?

  1. None of the changes on any of the pages is committed all are rolled back.

  2. Pages one and two and four are committed; page three is not committed.

  3. The changes on the first two pages are committed; the changes on the last two pages

    are not committed.

  4. It depends on the value that has been set in the Transaction property on each application module.

Answer: C

Question No: 53

What type of event listener can be triggered at different points In the JSF life cycle?

  1. Action listener

  2. Selection listener

  3. Launch listener

  4. Phase listener

  5. Value change listener

Answer: D

Reference: http://www.laliluna.de/articles/posts/jsf-2-evaluation-test.html

Question No: 54

What is the most likely cause of the run-time error, quot;Attempt to set a parameter name that does not occur in the SQL: employeeidquot;?

  1. The user has not supplied the value for the bind variable.

  2. The view object does not have a bind variable defined.

  3. The view object query does not have a reference to the bind variable.

  4. The employeeid attribute is not defined in the view object.

  5. The view object query does not have a WHERE clause defined.

Answer: A

Reference: http://jianmingli.com/wp/?p=2369

Question No: 55

When adding a new order item to a customer#39;s order, you want to ensure that the order item is for a valid product ID. Furthermore, you want to validate against a product ID that could have been added through any view of the ProductInformation entity object and may not yet be committed in the current transaction. Which ADF Business Components declarative validation option would you choose?

  1. A compare validation where ProductId equals query result: SELECT product_id from product_information

  2. A key exists validation with the target entity object of Product_information.ProductId

  3. A list validation with ProductId in query result: select product_id from product_information

  4. A list validation that checks for valid values from a list of literal values

  5. A list validation WHERE ProductId in ProductInformationViewObject (ProductId)

Answer: B

Question No: 56

When granting a user or role access to a group of pages, it is best practice to grant that access to what type of file or component?

  1. Page definition file

  2. Bounded task flow including the page(s)

  3. Unbounded task flow including the page(s)

  4. jspx file

  5. Entity objects included in the UI

Answer: A

Reference: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12839_01/web.1111/b31974/adding_security.htm (Topic 29.1; bullet point 1)

Question No: 57

What three statements are correct about task flow control flows?

  1. A control flow would typically be initiated from a button or link that is being clicked.

  2. A view activity can be the source for many control flow rules.

  3. A Control flow can exist between a view activity and a method call.

  4. The definition of control flows for a page are stored in the page backing bean.

  5. The name of a control flow must match the name of the view activity to which it navigates.

Answer: A,C,E

Question No: 58

Which two statements are true about entity objects?

  1. An entity object can be based only on a database table.

  2. You can manipulate entity object rows programmatically.

  3. Entity objects handle database caching.

  4. The attributes of an entity object must map precisely to the columns of the underlying table.

  5. You can base entity objects only on tables that have a primary key.

Answer: C,E

Question No: 59

Identify two characteristics of an unbounded task flow.

  1. It cannot be called from another task flow.

  2. It may have multiple entry points.

  3. It has a well-defined boundary.

  4. It can be used as a region on a page.

  5. It can accept parameters and can return values.

Answer: A,B

Reference: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E12839_01/web.1111/b31974/taskflows.htm

Question No: 60

Backing beans are a specialized type of managed bean. What is their principal purpose?

  1. To store state

  2. To execute Java routines

  3. To define accessors for UI components

  4. To manage handlers for event listeners

  5. To hold presentation and container logic

Answer: C

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