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Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

Question No: 1

Which three statements are true aboutAutomatic Workload Repository (AWR)?

  1. All AWR tables belong to the SYSTEM schema.

  2. The AWR data is stored in memory and in the database.

  3. The snapshots collected by AWR are used by the self-tuning components in the database

  4. AWR computes timemodel statistics based on time usage for activities, which are displayed in the v$SYS time model and V$SESS_TIME_MODEL views.

  5. AWR contains system wide tracing and logging information.

Answer: B,C,E Explanation:

  • A fundamental aspect of the workload repository is that it collects and persists database performance data in a manner that enables historical performance analysis.

    The mechanism for this is the AWR snapshot. On a periodic basis, AWR takes a “snapshot” of the current statistic values stored inthe database instance’s memory and persists them to its tables residing in the SYSAUX tablespace.

  • AWR is primarily designed to provide input to higherlevel components such as automatic tuning algorithms and advisors, but can also provide a wealth ofinformation for the manual tuning process.

    Question No: 2

    You want to create a database with a block size other than the default 8 kilobytes (KB) by using the Database ConfigurationAssistant (DBCA).

    Which option should you use?

    1. Automatic Storage Management (ASM) for storage of data files

    2. a file system for storage of data files

    3. a Data Warehouse database template

    4. a custom database template

    Answer: D

    Question No: 3

    Which statement is true about OracleNet Listener?

    1. It acts as the listening endpoint for the Oracle database instance for all local and non- local user connections.

    2. A single listener can service only one database instance and multiple remote client connections.

    3. Service registration with the listener is performed by the process monitor (LREG) process of each database instance.

    4. The listener.ora configuration file must be configured with one or more listening protocol addresses to allow remote users to connect to a database instance.

    5. The listener.ora configuration file must be located in the ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directly.

    Answer: C

    Question No: 4

    In your multitenant container database (CDB) with two pluggable database (PDBs). You want to create a new PDB by using SQL Developer.

    Whichstatement is true?

    1. The CDB must be open.

    2. The CDB must be in the mount stage.

    3. The CDB must be in the nomount stage.

    4. Alt existing PDBs must be closed.

    Answer: A Explanation:

  • Creating a PDB

    Rather than constructing the data dictionary tablesthat define an empty PDB from scratch, and then populating its Obj$ and Dependency$ tables, the empty PDB is created when the CDB is created. (Here, we use empty to mean containing no customer-created artifacts.) It is referred to as the seed PDB and hasthe name PDB$Seed. Every CDB non-negotiably contains a seed PDB; it is non-negotiably always open in read-only mode. This has no conceptual significance; rather, it is just an optimization device. The create PDB operation is implemented as a special case of the clone PDB operation. The size of the seed PDB is only about 1 gigabyte and it takes only a few seconds on a typical machine to copy it.

    Question No: 5

    Which statement is true about unified auditing?

    1. The unified audit trail, by default, resides in a read-only table in the AUDSYS schema in theSYSAUX tablespace.

    2. Only the CREATE, ALTER, and DROP statements are audited for all users, including SYS.

    3. Unified auditing is enabled only if the AUDIT_TRAIL parameter is set to NONE.

    4. The unified audit trail contains audit records only from unifiedaudit policies and AUDIT settings.

    Answer: A Explanation:

    References: https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/DBSEG/audit_admin.htm#DBSEG370

    Question No: 6

    The HR user updates the salary of one of the employees in the non-partitioned EMPLOYEES table, but does not commit the transaction.

    Which two types of lock exist in this situation?

    1. exclusive lock on the EMPLOYEES table

    2. null lock on the row being updated

    3. null lock on the EMPLOYEES table

    4. row level lock on the row being updated

    5. shared lock on the EMPLOYEES table

    Answer: D,E

    Question No: 7

    Which two resources might be prioritized between competing pluggable databases when creating a multitenant container database plan (CDBplan) using Oracle Database Resource Manager?

    1. Maximum Undo per consumer group

    2. Maximum Idle time

    3. Parallel server limit

    4. CPU

    5. Exadata I/O

    6. Local file system I/O

    Answer: C,D

    Question No: 8

    Which three features work together, to allow a SQL statement to have different cursors for the same statement based on different selectivity ranges?

    1. Bind Variable Peeking

    2. SQL Plan Baselines

    3. Adaptive Cursor Sharing

    4. Bind variable used in a SQL statement

    5. Literals in a SQL statement

    Answer: A,C,E Explanation:

  • In bind variablepeeking (also known as bind peeking), the optimizer looks at the value in a bind variable when the database performs a hard parse of a statement.

    When a query uses literals, the optimizer can use the literal values to find the best plan. However, when a query uses bind variables, the optimizer must select the best plan without the presence of literals in the SQL text. This task can be extremely difficult. By peeking at bind values the optimizer can determine the selectivity of a WHERE clause condition as if literals had been used, thereby improving the plan.

    C: Oracle 11g/12g uses Adaptive Cursor Sharing to solve this problem by allowing the server to compare the effectiveness of execution plans between executions with different bind variable values. If itnotices suboptimal plans, it allows certain bind variable values, or ranges of values, to use alternate execution plans for the same statement. This functionality requires no additional configuration.

    Question No: 9

    Your database supports a Decision Support System (DSS) workload that involves the execution of complex queries. Currently, thedatabase is running with peak workload. You want to analyze some of the most resource-intensive statements cached in the library cache.

    What must you run to receive recommendations on the efficient use of indexes and materialized views to improve query performance?

    1. Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM)

    2. SQL Tuning Advisor

    3. SQL Access Advisor

    4. SQL Performance Analyzer

    5. Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) report

    Answer: C Explanation:



    Question No: 10

    You install a non-RAC Oracle Database. During Installation, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) prompts you to enter the path of the Inventorydirectory and also to specify an operating system group name.

    Which statement is true?

    1. The ORACLE_BASE base parameter is not set.

    2. The installation is being performed by the root user.

    3. The operating system group that is specified should have theroot user as its member.

    4. The operating system group that is specified must have permission to write to the inventory directory.

    Answer: D Explanation:


    Providing a UNIX Group Name

    If you are installing a product on a UNIX system, the Installerwill also prompt you to provide the name of the group which should own the base directory.

    You must choose a UNIX group name which will have permissions to update, install, and deinstall Oracle software. Members of this group must have write permissions to the base directory chosen.

    Only users who belong to this group are able to install or deinstall software on this machine.

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