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Upgrade Oracle9i/10g/11g OCA to Oracle Database 12c OCP

Question No: 21

The CATDBI2c database contains an Oracle Database 12c catalog schema owned by the rc12c user.

The CATDB11 database contains an Oracle Database l1g catalog schema owned by the RCII user.

A database with DBID=1423241 is registered in the CATDB11 catalog. Both the recovery catalog databases are open.

In the CATDB12c database, you execute the commands: Srman

RMANgt; CONNECT CATALOG rc12c/pass12c8catdbI2c

RMANgt; IMPOST CATALOG rc1l/pwdcatl19catdbl1 DBID=I423241; What is the outcome of the import?

  1. It fails because the target database and recovery catalog database are of different versions.

  2. It succeeds and all global scripts in the sc:: catalog that have the same name as existing global scripts in the RC12C catalog are automatically renamed.

  3. It succeeds but the database is not automatically registered in the Rc12c catalog.

  4. It fails because RMAN is not connected to the target database with DBID=1423241.

Answer: B

Question No: 22

While performing database backupto tape via the media manager interface, you notice that tape streaming is not happening because RMAN is not sending data blocks fast enough to the tape drive.

Which two actions would you take for tape streaming to happen during the backup?

  1. Configure backup optimization.

  2. Configure the channel to increase maxopenfiles.

  3. Configure a backup policy by using incremental backups.

  4. Configure the channel to increase capacity with the rate parameter.

  5. Configure the channel to adjust the tape buffer size byusing the 3LKSIZE option.

  6. Configure large_pool, if not done already. Alternatively, you can increase the size of


Answer: A,D

Question No: 23

You create two Resource Manager plans, one for night time workloads, the other for day time.

How would you make the plans switch automatically?

  1. Use job classes.

  2. Use scheduler windows.

  3. Use the mapping rule for the consumer groups.

  4. Set the switch_time plan directive for both plans.

  5. Use scheduler schedules.

Answer: B

Question No: 24

Which Oracle Database component is audited by default if the Unified Auditing option is enabled?

  1. Oracle Data Pump

  2. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

  3. Oracle Label Security

  4. Oracle Database Vault

  5. Oracle Real Application Security

Answer: B

Question No: 25

Which two statements are true about recovering logically corrupted tables or table partitions from an RMAN backup?

  1. Tables or table partitions can be recovered by using an auxiliary instance only.

  2. Tables or table partitions with a foreign key cannot be recovered.

  3. Tables or table partitions can be recovered only when the database is in mount state.

  4. Tables or table partitions from the system and sysauxtablespaces cannot be recovered.

  5. Tables with not null constraints cannot be recovered.

Answer: A,D Reference:http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/BRADV/rcmresind.htm#BRADV695(Limitat ions of Recovering Tablesand Table Partitions from RMAN Backups)

Question No: 26

You create a default Flashback Data Archive FLA1and enable it for the EMPLOYEES table in the HR schema.

After a few days, you want to alter the EMPLOYEES table by executing the command: SQLgt; ALTER TABLE EMPLOYEES ADD PHONE NUMBER(12);

Which statement is true about the execution of the command?

  1. It gives an error because DDL statements cannot be executed on a table that is enabled for Flashback Data Archive.

  2. It executes successfully and all metadata related to the EMPLOYEES table before altering the table definition is purged from Flashback Data Archive.

  3. It executes successfully and continues to store metadata related to the EMPLOYEES table.

  4. It executes successfully but Flashback Data Archive is disabled for the EMPLOYEES table.

Answer: C

Question No: 27

Examine the RMAN commands executed in your database:


You issue the command: RMANgt; BACKUP DATABASE;

Which two statements are true about the command?

  1. It performs a log switch.

  2. It creates compressed backup sets by using binary compression by default.

  3. It backs up only the used blocks in data files.

  4. It backs up data files, the control file, and the server parameter file.

  5. It creates a backup of only the control file whenever the database undergoes a structural change.

Answer: B,E

Question No: 28

You are administering a database that supports data warehousing workload and Is running in noarchivelog mode. You use RMAN to perform a level 0 backup on Sundays and level 1 Incremental backups on all the other days of the week.

One of the data files is corrupted and the current online redo log file is lost because of a media failure.

You want to recover the data file.

Examine the steps involved in the recovery process: 1.Shut down the database instance.

  1. Start up the database instance in nomount state.

  2. Mount the database. 4.Take the data file offline. 5.Put the data file online. 6.Restore the control file. 7.Restore the database.

  1. Restore the data file.

  2. Open the database with the resetlog option. 10.Recover the database withthe noredo option. 11.Recover the data file with the noredo option.

Identify the required steps in the correct order.

A. 4, 8, 11, 5

B. 1, 3, 8, 11, 9

C. 1, 2, 6, 3, 7, 10, 9

D. 1, 3, 7, 10, 9

E. 1, 2, 6, 3, 8, 11, 9

Answer: C

Question No: 29

You are connected to a pluggable database (PDB) as a common user with the sysdba privilege. The PDB is open and you issue the shutdown immediate command.

What is the outcome?

  1. The PDB is closed.

  2. The PDB is placed in mount state.

  3. The command executes only if the common user is granted the set container privilege for the PDB.

  4. The command results in an error because the PDB can be shut down only by a local user.

Answer: A


Question No: 30

Which two statements describe the relationship between a window, a resource plan, and a job class?

  1. A window specifies a resource plan that will be activated when that window becomes active.

  2. A window specifies a job class that will be activated when that window becomes active.

  3. A job class specifies a window that will be open when that job class becomes active.

  4. Awindow in association with a resource plan controls a job class allocation.

  5. A window in association with a job class controls a resource allocation.

Answer: A,E

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