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Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration

Question No: 111

The following parameters are set for your Oracle 12c database instance:


You want to manage the SQL plan evolution task manually. Examine the following steps: 1.Setthe evolve task parameters.

  1. Create the evolve task by using the DBMS_SPM.CREATE_EVOVLE_TASK function.

  2. Implement the recommendations in the task by using the DBMS_SPM.IMPLEMENT_EVOLVE_TASK function.

  3. Execute the evolve task by using the DBMS_SPM.EXECUTE_EVOLVE_TASK function. 5.Report the task outcome by using the DBMS_SPM.REPORT_EVOLVE_TASK function.

Identify the correct sequence of steps.

A. 2, 4, 5

B. 2, 1, 4, 3, 5

C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

D. 1, 2, 4, 5

Answer: B

Question No: 112

Which two statements are true when row-archival management is enabled?

  1. Visibility of the ORA_ARCHIVE_STATE column is controlled by the row archival visibility session parameter.

  2. The ORA_ARCHIVE_STATE column is updated manually or by a program that can reference activity tracking columns, to indicate that a row is no longer considered active.

  3. The row archival visibility session parameter defaults to all rows.

  4. The ORA_ARCHIVE_STATE column is visible if it is referenced in the select list of a query.

  5. The ORA_ARCHIVE_STATE column is updated automatically by the databasebased on activity tracking columns, to indicate that a row is no longer considered active.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 113

Which two statements are true about Flashback Version Query?

  1. The result of a query can be used as part of a DML statement.

  2. It can be used to create views.

  3. It can be used only if Flashback Data Archive is enabled for a table.

  4. It retrieves all versions of rows that exist in a time interval, including the start time and end time.

  5. It can be used to retrieve the SQL that is required to undo a row change and the user responsible for the change.

Answer: A,C

Question No: 114

Which three statements are true about Oracle Restart?

  1. It can be configured to automatically attempt to restart various components after a hardware or software failure.

  2. While starting any components, it automatically attempts to start all dependencies first and in properorder.

  3. It can be configured to automatically restart a database in case of normal shutdown of the database instance.

  4. It can be used to only start Oracle components.

  5. It runs periodic check operations to monitor the health of Oracle components.

Answer: A,B,E


Question No: 115

Which three statements are true about the keystore storage framework for transparent data encryption?

  1. It facilitates and helps to enforce keystore backup requirements.

  2. It handles encrypted data without modifying applications.

  3. It enables a keystore to be stored only in a file on a file system.

  4. It enables separation of duties between the database administrator and the security administrator.

  5. It transparently decrypts data for the databaseusers and applications that access this data.

  6. It helps to track encryption keys and implement requirements such as keystore password rotation and master encryption key reset or re-key operations.

Answer: A,D,F

Reference: http://oradb- srv.wlv.ac.uk/E16655_01/network.121/e17729/asotrans.htm#CHDEABCA (benefits of the keystore storage framework)

Question No: 116

Which three requirements must be met before a tablespace can be transported across different platforms?

  1. Both the source and target databases must use the same character set.

  2. The platforms of both the source and target databases must have the same endian format.

  3. The compatible parameter value must be the same in the source and target databases.

  4. The minimum compatibility level for both the source and target databases must be 10.0.0.

  5. The tablespace to be transported must be in read-only mode.

Answer: B,C,D

Question No: 117

On your Oracle 12c database, you invoke SQL*Loader to load data into the employees table in the hr schema by issuing the command:

Sgt;sqlldrhr/hr@pdb table=employees

Which two statements are true about the command?

  1. It succeeds with default settings if the employees table exists in the hr schema.

  2. It fails because no SQL*Loader data file location is specified.

  3. It fails if the hr user does not have the create any directory privilege.

  4. It fails because no SQL*Loader control file location is specified.

  5. It succeeds and creates the employees table in the HR schema.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 118

Examine the command and its output:


SQLgt; SELECT object_name AS recycle_name, original_name, type FROM recyclebin;



binsgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0EMPLOYEE TABLE You then successfully execute the command:

SQLgt; FLASHBACK TABLE quot;BINSgk31sj/3akk5hg3j21kl5j3d==$0quot; TO BEFORE DROP;

Which two statements are true?

  1. It flashes back the employee tableand all the constraints associated with the table.

  2. It automatically flashes back all the indexes on the employes table.

  3. It automatically flashes back any triggers defined on the table.

  4. It flashes back only the structure of the table and not the data.

  5. It flashes back the data from the recycle bin and the existing data in the original table is permanently lost.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 119

Your Oracle 12c multitenant container database (CDB) contains multiple pluggable databases (PDBs). In the PDB hr_pdb, the common user c##admin and the local user b_admin have only the connect privilege.

You create a common role c##role1 with the create table and select any table privileges. You then execute the commands:


SQLgt;CONNsys/oracle@HR_PDB assysdba


Which two statements are true?

  1. C##admin can create and select any table, and grant the c##role1 role to users only in the root container.

  2. B_admin can create and select any table in both the root container and kr_pdb.

  3. c##admin can create and select any table in the root container and all the PDBs.

  4. B_admin can create and select any table only in hr_pdb.

  5. The grant c=禄role1 to b_admin command returns an error because container shouldbe set to ALL.

Answer: C,D

Question No: 120

A complete database backup to media is taken for your database every day. Which three actions would you take to improve backup performance?

  1. Set the backup_tape_io_slaves parameter to true.

  2. Set the dbwr_io_slaves parameter to a nonzero value if synchronous I/O is in use.

  3. Configure large pool if not already done.

  4. Remove the rate parameter, if specified, in the allocate channel command.

  5. Always use RMAN compression for tape backups ratherthan the compression provided by media manager.

  6. Always use synchronous I/O for the database.

Answer: B,C,D


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