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Oracle IT Architecture SOA 2013 Essentials

Question No: 31

The service lifecycle is shown in the exhibit. Some stages of the lifecycle are missing their labels What are the missing stages?

  1. Justified, Not Justified, Assigned, Defined, Implemented, Retired

  2. Justified, Not Justified, Defined, Assigned, Implemented, Retired

  3. Approved, Rejected, Defined, Assigned, Implemented, Retired

  4. Justified, Not Justified, Assigned, Defined, Implemented, Deprecated

  5. Approved, Rejected, Assigned, Defined, Implemented, Deprecated

  6. \Users\USERSEN3\Desktop\Untitled.jpg

Answer: C

Question No: 32

Lack of an enterprise SOA infrastructure causes several SOA implementation challenges. What are two of the major challenges?

  1. Understanding which Services are available, where they reside, their contract,

    invocationprotocols, and rules for use

  2. Provisioning of hardware and software resources to run SOA Services

  3. Managing Service versioning and Service life-cycle requirements

  4. Migration of business applications to run on SOA infrastructure

Answer: B,C

Question No: 33

It has come to your notice that there is little or no reuse of SOA Services in production. After some investigation, you have been made aware that project development teams are struggling with Service interoperability challenges.

What course of action do you take to address these challenges?

  1. A single registry is employed to ensure Services are consistently published.

  2. A single service engineering team is employed to build all Services which ensure implementation consistency.

  3. A single technology (for example, Java) is employed to build all Services which ensure standards consistency.

  4. Design-time governance quality points are employed to ensure that Services following agreed enterprise standards and guidelines.

  5. A single repository is employed to ensure Services are consistently discoverable.

Answer: A

Question No: 34

You receive non-functional requirements for a set of business Services which specify that the Service must deliver secure payloads. In addition, the Services need to be built whereby they promote reusability, especially in heterogeneous IT environments. Which option best describes how you would design the Service?

  1. Use Java to build the service and SSL to encrypt the transport.

  2. Use Java.security to encrypt payload while making sure that service consumers are on a secure and reliable network.

  3. Use WS-I to promote interoperability while using the WS-Security family of services to secure web services.

  4. Use WS-Policy and WS-Reliable Messaging to support delivery-based quality of service.

Answer: D

Question No: 35

Which of the following statements are true for service-oriented integration versus traditional Integration approaches, such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)?

  1. Service-oriented integration uses Web Services to create standards-based, point-to- point integrations between applications.

  2. Service-oriented integration is a type of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) that uses Web Services as the communication technology.

  3. Service-oriented integration differs from Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) because it includes Services that have distinct deployment and lifecycle separate from the applications.

  4. Service-oriented integration differs from traditional integration because an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is used instead of Java Messaging Service (JMS).

  5. Service-oriented integration differs from traditional integration because adapters are no longer needed since the applications are Web Services enabled.

Answer: A

Question No: 36

Which two statements are true with respect to SOA Services?

  1. A Service must not have any dependency on the identity of the consumer that invokes it.

  2. Services should be aware of the protocol used to invoke them, where they physically exist, and on what type of hardware or operating system they run.

  3. In order for Services to be versatile and support reuse, there must be no separation of concerns in terms of what they do and how they are used.

  4. Services must not be tied to any particular physical location.

Answer: A,D Explanation:

In order for Services to be versatile and support reuse, there must be a clear separationof concerns in terms of what they do from how they are used. The objective of thissection is to describe architectural principles that enforce this separation of concerns tohelp maximize versatility and reuse.

Services should be written to accomplish their function regardless of what protocol isused to invoke them, where they physically exist, or on what type of hardware oroperating system they run on. This provides for maximum reuse by allowing accessthrough multiple types of interfaces. It also provides greater versatility in how theyare deployed and what underlying technologies are used.

Architectural Principles

->A Service must not have any dependency on the identity of the consumer that invokes it.

->Services must not be tied to any particular underlying technology, delivery channel, or physical location.

Reference:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/entarch/oracle-ra-soa-foundation-r3- 1-176715.pdf(p.38)

Question No: 37

Which two statements are true of Oracle#39;s SOA Governance Framework?

  1. Replaces traditional governance frameworks

  2. Defines the need for principles, policies, processes, roles, and Infrastructure

  3. Contains an SOA Governance Reference Model

  4. Defines SOA Governance as a one-off project

  5. Can be fully implemented using a registry and a repository

Answer: B,C

Reference:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/entarch/oracle-pg-soa-governance- fmwrk-r3-2-1561703.pdf(p.14)

Question No: 38

How should business processes and technical orchestrations be handled when developing SOA Services as part ofservice-oriented integration architecture?

  1. Technical orchestrations are business processes that have been implemented using BPEL

  2. Business processes should be isolated from technical details by encapsulating the technical details in technical orchestrations.

  3. Activities within a business process that are likely to change due to business changes should be encapsulated in a technical orchestration.

  4. Business processes should not use any technical orchestrations.

  5. Business processes only call Business Services whereas technical orchestrations only call Connectivity Services.

Answer: B

Reference:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/entarch/oracle-ra-integration-r3-0- 176700.pdf

Question No: 39

While analyzing the business requirements, you identify some cross-cuttingfunctionality that does not carry any business context or have an affinity to any specific application. To which service layer classification does the Service you develop to fulfillthis requirementbelong?

  1. Connectivity Service

  2. Data Service

  3. Business Activity Service

  4. Utility Service

  5. Presentation Service

Answer: D Explanation:

Utility Services do not carry any business context or have an affinity to any specificapplication; they are often the simplest and most reused Services in a SOAenvironment.


r3-2-1561710.pdf(page 20)

Question No: 40

Which two statements are valid SOA infrastructure principles?

  1. SOA infrastructure must be designed to enable point-to-point integration.

  2. SOA Infrastructure must support all Services with standards-based interfaces, regardless of their choice of implementation technology.

  3. SOA Infrastructure must be based on open standards. This supports a best-of-breed approach and prevents vendor lock in.

  4. Multiple versions of a SOA Service must not be run concurrently.

Answer: B,C

Reference:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/entarch/oracle-ra-soa-infrastructure- r3-2-1561710.pdf(page 14, SOA infrastructure principles)

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