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Oracle SOA Suite 11g Certified Implementation Specialist

Question No: 31

Which two statements are true about messages that are marked quot;Exhaustedquot; on the Recovery tab of the BPEL service engine in Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control?

  1. They are messages that have exceeded the maximum number of auto recovery attempt.

  2. They can be marked again For auto recovery by using the quot;Resetquot; feature in the recovery console.

  3. Rejected messages are directly marked as quot;Exhausted.quot;

  4. The quot;Refresh Alarm tablequot; option can be used to resubmit Exhausted messages.

  5. Exhausted messages for Mediator components can be manually recovered from the

same location in Fusion Middleware Control.

Answer: A,E Explanation:

  • Go to BPEL Recovery Console

    Access the Recovery page of the BPEL process service engine to perform message recovery.

    You can also access the Recovery page later by selecting Service Engines gt; BPEL from the SOA Infrastructure menu and clicking the Recovery tab in the resulting page.

    Question No: 32

    When more than one policy is attached to a policy subject, the combination of policies needs to be valid. Which statement is true about the valid combination of policies for a policy subject?

    1. Only one MTOM policy can be attached to a policy subject.

    2. More than one Reliable Messaging policy can be attached to a policy subject.

    3. Both a Reliable Messaging policy and a WS-Addressing policy cannot be attached to the same policy subject.

    4. Only one security policy can be attached to a policy subject.

    Answer: A Explanation:


  • Within a SOA composite application, you must attach the Oracle WS-MTOM policy to service and reference binding components to receive and send MTOM (MIME binary) attachments within Oracle SOA Suite.

  • Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM)

    Ensures that attachments are in MTOM format. This format enables binary data to be sent to and from web services. This reduces the transmission size on the wire.

  • Reliability Policy

    Supports the WS-Reliable Messaging protocol. This guarantees the end-to-end delivery of messages.

  • Addressing Policy

    Verifies that simple object access protocol (SOAP) messages include WS-Addressing headers in conformance with the WS-Addressing specification. Transport-level data is included in the XML message rather than relying on the network-level transport to convey this information.

    Question No: 33

    Which two tasks cannot be done in the Worklist application?

    1. Update the data in a task parameter.

    2. Register a different user interface for a given type of task.

    3. Set up task routing rules for a vacation period.

    4. Create a new human task.

    5. Escalate a task to your manager.

    Answer: B,D Explanation: Note:

  • The Oracle BPEL Worklist Application (Worklist Application) is a Web interface that enables users to act on their assigned human workflow tasks.

  • All task interactions-listing tasks, viewing task details, reassigning tasks, performing actions on tasks, setting outcomes, and so on-are initiated from the Task Listing (home) page.


    Not C: If there is no predetermined sequence of approvers or if the workflow was designed to permit ad hoc routing, then the task can be routed in an ad hoc fashion. For such tasks, a Route button appears on the Task Details page. From the Routing page, you can look up one or more users for routing. When you specify multiple assignees, you can choose whether the list of assignees is for simple (group assignment to all users), sequential, or parallel assignment. In the case of parallel assignment, you provide the percentage of votes required for approval.

  • Creating a Rule in the Worklist Application

    Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

    Not E:

    Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

    Question No: 34

    Which two configurations provide a certified deployment of multiple SOA domains?

    1. Point all domains to a single SOA Suite schema.

    2. Have separate databases hosting a single SOA Suite schema.

    3. Have a single SOA Suite schema installed on Oracle RAC.

    4. Use Repository Creation Utility (RCU) to create SOA Suite schemas in a single database within unique prefixes.

    Answer: A,D Explanation:


  • Oracle SOA Suite components require schemas that must be installed in the Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database. You create and load these schemas in your database with the Repository Creation Utility (RCU).

    Question No: 35

    You are modeling a conditional branch using a Switch element. You choose not to include an Otherwise branch. What is the result?

    1. A business fault is generated if one of the case branches cannot execute.

    2. A design time error is indicated by JDeveloper.

    3. You need to include fault handler to account for the fact that none of the case branches can execute.

    4. If none of the case branches can execute, control passes to (the next element in the BPEL model.

    Answer: D Explanation:


  • Conditional branching introduces decision points to control the flow of execution of a BPEL process. You can use a switch activity to produce different actions based on conditional branching. You set up two or more branches, with each branch in the form of an XPath expression. If the expression is true, then the branch is executed. If the expression is false, then the BPEL process moves to the next branch condition, until it either finds a valid branch condition, encounters an otherwise branch, or runs out of branches. If more than one branch condition is true, then BPEL executes the first true branch.

    Question No: 36

    You want to monitor a specific BPEL process variable in your process. You have all the capability Oracle SOA Suite at your disposal.

    Which approach do you take if you want the variable data written to a JMS queue to be processed by another application?

    1. Identify the variable as a key performance Indicator (KPI) and track it in BAM.

    2. Use a composite sensor on the appropriate service or reference binding.

    3. Use a BPEL Process Manager sensor to collect the value and context.

    4. Use Oracle Event Processing (OEP) to monitor the activities being executed in the BPI l process.

    Answer: C

    Question No: 37

    Which statement best describes deploying your SOA application to a cluster?

    1. Manually deploy the application to each managed server in the cluster.

    2. After deployment, restart each managed server in the cluster before the application is available for service.

    3. Use WebLogit Server Administration Console for deployment because you cannot deploy to a cluster from JDeveloper.

    4. Treat your cluster as a single deployment target and let the administration server automatically deploy the application to all managed servers in the cluster.

    Answer: D Explanation: Note:

  • Oracle SOA Service Infrastructure Cluster-Wide Deployment Composite deployments are stored centrally by the

    SOA Service Infrastructure in the MDS repository. Each time the SOA Service Infrastructure is started, it synchronizes itself with the MDS repository and SOA store to get the deployment and process state. The deployment coordinator infrastructure orchestrates the notifications for composites deployments and updates. When a new deployment or update takes place, deployment coordinator notifies all members in the cluster. When all members in the cluster confirm that the deployment has succeeded, the master sends a notification to start the composite. If a deployment fails on any one

    of the nodes, it is rolled back to the rest of the cluster

  • Figure: Cluster-Wide Deployment of Oracle SOA Composites

    Dumps4Cert 2018 PDF and VCE

    Question No: 38

    Which option is not able to invoke a human task?

    1. A BPEL process in the same composite as the human task

    2. A BPEL process in a different composite where the human task is defined

    3. A Mediator in the same composite as the human task

    4. A web service client outside of the composite where the human task is defined

    5. Another human task in the same composite as the first human task

    Answer: D

    Question No: 39

    Which SOA Suite capability enforces WS-* standards for authentication and authorization?

    1. BPEL Process Manager

    2. Enterprise Manager

    3. B2B

    4. Web Services Manager

    Answer: D

    Explanation: Note: You can use Oracle Web Services Manager (WSM) WS-Security policies with WebLogic Server.

    Question No: 40

    Over a period of time, you have deployed three versions (1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) of a SOA application X to a three-node SOA cluster. All versions of X subscribes to a business event named createCustomer and instantiate a new BPEL process Y on receiving the event.

    At runtime, how many SOA composite instances are generated when createCustomer business event is fired?

    1. 1

    2. 3

    3. 9

    4. 0

    Answer: A Explanation:


  • When the Oracle SOA Service Infrastructure performs an update or redeployment of a composite, it can overwrite an existing version (x) or create a new version (x 1). All composites are uniquely identified based on the composite name and revision. By default, clients accessing a composite use the version that is identified in the MDS repository as the default version (also visible from Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control).

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