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Oracle Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 11

You are installing an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) agent on a WebLogic server. The installation script completed successfully, but your application server does not appear in Oracle Management Cloud (OMC).

Which troubleshooting step should you perform?

  1. Ensure that your registration key appears under OMC Agents gt; Registration Keys.

  2. Verify that you have modified the WebLogic startup script and restarted the server.

  3. Download the OMC Master Installer from OMC Agents gt; Download.

  4. Confirm that your Gateway Agent is online and sending data to OMC.

  5. Create an Application Definition for your application server in APM.

Answer: D

Question No: 12

In which two ways can you enable the viewing of an IT Analytics dashboard?

  1. by configuring it such that only you can view it

  2. by configuring it for the Analyst role, so only people with that role can view it

  3. by configuring it as shared, so only members of the group can view it

  4. by configuring it as shared, so everyone within your tenant domain can view it

Answer: A,B

Question No: 13

Which two steps should you perform before deploying an Oracle Management Cloud service? (Choose two.)

  1. Review entities in Cloud Framework repository.

  2. Download master installed from Oracle Cloud.

  3. Configure a data collector.

  4. Installer gateways.

  5. Review Oracle Management Cloud documentation on ORACLE.COM.

  6. Review Oracle Management Cloud Master Notes on MyOracleSupport.

Answer: B,D

Question No: 14

Before deploying IT Analytics service on Linux, you should identify the existence and version of which four libraries or software packages?

  1. systat

  2. libaio

  3. bstat

  4. libstdc

  5. perl

  6. curl

  7. glib

Answer: A,B,D,G Explanation: References:

Question No: 15

A log Analytics target has stopped sending log data. Where in the Oracle Management Cloud user interface should you navigate to in order to see when agent checked in to the Oracle Management Cloud?

  1. Home gt; Application Navigator gt; Agents gt; Heartbeat

  2. Home gt; Data Explorer gt; Log gt; Entity

  3. Home gt; Data Explorer gt; Log gt; Log Source

  4. Home gt; Application Navigator gt; Agents gt; Gateways

  5. Home gt; Application Navigator gt; Agents gt; Cloud Agents

Answer: E

Question No: 16

Which Oracle Management Cloud service and function should you use to diagnose the number of JDBC connection waits?

  1. Application Performance Monitoring: Java Diagnostics

  2. IT Analytics: Performance Analytics gt; Middleware

  3. Log Analytics: Performance Analytics gt; Middleware

  4. IT Analytics: Resource Analytics gt; Middleware

Answer: A

Question No: 17

A Cloud Agent is deployed on an Oracle Database entity for the IT Analytics service. Next you configure it to perform which function?

  1. Harvest data from the Automatic Workload Repository.

  2. Verify that a cloud agent is a valid entity and that it can store its data on Oracle Management Cloud.

  3. Harvest data from the gateway.

  4. Verify directory permissions.

  5. Mask data before it is uploaded to the Oracle Management Cloud.

Answer: C

Question No: 18

Which protocol is used to transfer data from an Oracle Management Cloud Gateway to the Oracle Management Cloud?

  1. SQL*NET

  2. SFTP

  3. HTTPS

  4. T3S

  5. Oracle’s proprietary TCP-based protocol

Answer: C

Explanation: References:

Question No: 19

When deploying an Oracle Management Cloud agent, and error was encountered. What is one method to troubleshoot this?

  1. Verify that a registration key value had been input and that they key has a valid status.

  2. Log in to Cloud.oracle.com and in MyServices check in the Agents tab for any errors and then select the “redeploy” check box.

  3. Review IP addresses of agents for any conflicts and reassign the agent being deployed to a new address range.

  4. Load data into the Management Repository if found empty.

Answer: A

Question No: 20

You find that a customer has logs outside of the default destination defined by the built-in log source definition.

How should they edit a built-in log source?

  1. Delete the built-in log source and deploy a new agent.

  2. Highlight the built-in log source and use Create Like to edit.

  3. Use the Edit option under configuration menu.

  4. A user cannot edit built-in log sources.

Answer: C

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