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Oracle Management Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials

Question No: 21

What do you need before deploying an Oracle Management Cloud agent?

  1. a registration key

  2. an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)

  3. Oracle Cloud Appliance installed onsite

  4. Oracle VM

  5. an Oracle Cloud license addendum

Answer: A

Question No: 22

What is the minimum environment required to access services from the Oracle Cloud?

  1. an Oracle Cloud gateway installed on end users’ machines and web browsers, and internet connectivity

  2. web browser and internet connectivity

  3. an onsite Cloud Server within a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 2 GB of disk space, and a server for Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control that has a minimum of 8 GB RAM and 2 GB of disk space

  4. an onsite Cloud Server with a minimum of 2 GB RAM and 2 GB of disk space with Oracle Database 12c installed

Answer: B

Question No: 23

Which four steps are involved in the setting up of an Oracle Management Cloud service?

  1. Download master installer from Oracle Cloud.

  2. Deploy components.

  3. Install Big Data repository.

  4. Install Oracle Cloud Framework.

  5. Purchase a subscription.

  6. Activate the order.

  7. Buy a product license.

  8. Download software from Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Answer: A,B,E,G Explanation: References:

Question No: 24

A customer wants to compare, trend, and forecast weekday WebLogic Heap usage to weekend usage.

How should you configure IT Analytics to perform and display that analysis?

  1. Create two separate targets on Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, one collecting data only for weekends and other only on weekdays.

  2. Perform a weekday analysis and then a weekend analysis, then overlay them in Excel.

  3. Use a Seasonal Filter for the relevant days in the time series.

  4. From the IT Analytics display, navigate to the Administration page and configure target collectors to perform seasonal data harvesting.

Answer: A

Question No: 25

There has just been an update to Oracle Management Cloud (OMC). What is the sequence of actions when upgrading a data collector agent?

  1. Stop the agent, open the OMC Agents webpage, click the Data Collectors tab, click the Upgrade All button, and restart your agent.

  2. Open the OMC Agents webpage, click the Data Collectors tab, select your agent, and click the Upgrade button.

  3. Open the OMC Agents webpage, confirm that the upgrade is available, and click the Upgrade All button.

  4. Stop the agent, open the OMC Agents webpage, click the Data Collectors tab, select your agent, and click the Upgrade button.

Answer: C

Explanation: References:

Question No: 26

You need to confirm that deployment of the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) service was successful at a customer site.

Which three steps should you perform?

  1. Examine the Gateway logs.

  2. Verify the APM Java Agent directory structure.

  3. Examine the Data Collector directory structure.

  4. Examine the APM Java Agent logs.

  5. Use the Oracle Cloud MyServices user interface.

  6. Use the Application Performance Monitoring web user interface.

Answer: C,D,F

Question No: 27

An Oracle Enterprise Manager customer wants only their production systems analyzed by IT Analytics.

What should you do so that the Data Collector agent collects data only from production targets?

  1. Modify the Data Collector agent configuration file to select only production targets.

  2. In Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, set the lifecycle status of production

    targets to Production.

  3. Deploy a new on-premises Enterprise Manager Cloud Control environment that has just the production targets and configure the Data Collector agent to harvest data from it.

  4. Within oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control on-premise, place production targets in a group called omcgroup.

Answer: D

Question No: 28

Which three items should be checked when deploying Oracle Management Cloud (OMC) services in a customer’s data center?

  1. If you have subscriptions to IT Analytics or Log Analytics, then there is an existing on- premise deployment of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g or later.

  2. User has root privileges or can log in as a user with root privileges to run theroot.shscript.

  3. If you have subscriptions to Log Analytics, the Cloud Agent has the appropriate privileges to read target log files.

  4. The APM agent has the privileges needed to connect to the Automatic Workload Repository.

  5. If you have subscriptions to multiple Oracle Management Cloud services, it is recommended they be added to the same identity domain.

  6. If you have subscriptions to multiple Oracle Management Cloud services, then add an identity domain controller on-premise.

Answer: B,C,E

Question No: 29

The VP of Development at a customer site request you to perform the role of Cloud Account Administrator for their team.

In that role, which three responsibilities would you have?

  1. backup and recovery of services

  2. patching services

  3. reviewing historical utilization data about services

  4. monitoring the status of service across identity domains the data centers

  5. activating Oracle Cloud services

  6. Lifecycle and Configuration Management for the services VMs

Answer: D,E,F

Question No: 30

A customer ordered an Oracle Management Cloud Service subscription from your company.

What is the next step that needs to be performed by either you or the customer, as the designated Oracle Cloud Account Administrator?

  1. installation of the service

  2. calling Oracle for Cloud service registration key

  3. setting up SSH connection to Cloud service assigned

  4. Service Activation

  5. verifying that the service is running

  6. waiting for an email titled “Your order and service activation has been completed”

Answer: D

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